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My very best wishes for a joyous, serene, and pleasant Holiday Season. Darrell Corti


When we think of Italy and food, PASTA is probably the first thing that pops into the mind. There are numerous fine pasta makers in Italy. But there are very few “ESTATE” pasta producers where the wheat is grown by the maker, harvested and milled by the maker, and then the pasta produced by the same maker. One such producer is MANCINI PASTIFICIO AGRICOLO, where everything is done by the same company. Mancini grows wheat, stores and mills it, and extrudes through bronze dies and slowly dries its pasta in their plant in the middle of a wheat field on Italy’s Adriatic side in the MARCHE region. Obviously, it is pasta in a limited production, hence not available all over. It is truly lovely pasta with an intriguing wheat scent before it’s cooked and a delicious wheat flavor when it is. I would suggest that you try Mancini Pasta just to have the experience of an estate production which is unique.

Using what is called Good Agricultural Practices, Mancini Pasta is able to grow wheat on about 400 hectares of land. Three special durum wheat varieties, selected for the area, and the ancient line of hard wheat called KHORASAN, or Triticum turgidum var.Turanicum–“I Turanici”--are grown. This latter wheat has very low gluten and the pasta is the product of two strains of it, #17 and #38.

Another unusual thing about Pasta Mancini is that they hold the unmilled wheat in cold storage, which allows them to store the grains without the use of pesticides or antifermentatives. The land planted to Mancini wheat is in 28 fields, surrounding the pasta plant.

Not all pasta coming from Italy is made from Italian wheat. Most pasta is made from Canadian, American, and in the old days, Ukrainian wheat, coming from the Black Sea. In fact, the Republic of Genoa had outposts in what they called Romanìa Genovese. This was in the 14th century and continued/continues up to today. (As an aside, to those customers who have used our Ardoino olive oil: the Ardoino family were shippers of Crimean wheat to pasta factories in Imperia for a hundred years before getting out of wheat and into the oil business.)

MANCINI PASTA merits your attention. Corti Brothers has the following cuts: bucatini, mezze maniche, linguine, spaghettini . Mancini Pasta is $7.69 the 500g bag. 3 kilo boxes: the same cuts: $41.49 each. Please specify.

The “I TURANICI” pasta has fewer cuts and is recommended for its low gluten content. It is not gluten free, just low in gluten due to the nature of this old hard wheat variety. This flour is milled using a stone mill and is certified organic. Turanici is available in the following cuts: penne lisci, sedani 20 righe (10 ridges outside and 10 inside this cut), spaghetti. Mancini “I Turanici” are $8.79 the 500g bag.


Bucatini (#4800)

Mezze Maniche (#4801)

Spaghettini (#4802)

Linguine (#4803)


Penne lisci (#4804)

Sedani 20 righe (#4805)

Spaghetti (#4806)



The winter holidays mean PANETTONE is on the menu. This mother leavened baked bread with raisins and candied fruit is the traditional sweet bread for Christmas in Italy. As much as the producers would like to see this change, it is only sold during the Christmas holidays. There is no reason why it cannot be sold all year round, but it is fiercely seasonal. In California at least, there are small bakers who make it year round and customers readily eat it up. Not in Italy. By about the first of November and until the 2nd of March, Panettone is on the market. Then you wait for it until the next holiday season. So PANETTONE is now once again available.

BARDI PANETTONE: All are in kilo size.

PANETTONE ALTO: boxed $19.99 (#4807)

PANETTONE BASSO: boxed $22.29 (#4808)

PANETTONE SENZA CANDITI: only with raisins, wrapped $22.49 (#4809)

PANETTONE WITH CHOCOLATE:  with chocolate drops, wrapped $25.59 (#4810)

PANETTONE LIMITED EDITION: Basso shape, boxed $39.59 (#4811)

PANDORO: without fruit, the New Year’s cake, boxed $22.29 (#4812)

PANETTONE LOISON: All are in kilo size unless noted.

LIMONE: with raisins, candied lemon peel and lemon cream, boxed $29.99 (#4813)

AGRUMATO (Five citrus fruits) replaces Chinotto, boxed $32.99 (#4814)

CLASSICO A.D. 1476: with raisins, orange and citron peel, boxed $29.99 (#4815)

MARRON GLACÉ: with marron glacé pieces and cream, boxed $33.69 (#4816)

CLASSICO: with raisins, orange and citron peel, wrapped $26.89 (#4817)

MANDORLATO: with almond glaze, wrapped $27.49 (#4818)

REGAL CIOCCOLATO: with chocolate, boxed $31.49 (#4819)

FICO di CALABRIA: raisins & Calabrian white fig (Dotato) boxed $34.29 (#4820)

AMARENA: large black cherries, boxed $30.99 (#4821)

ALLE ROSE: with Ligurian rose syrup, raisins & rose cream, boxed $31.95 (#4822)

A.D. 1476 LATA: In this year’s decorative tin, 750g $29.99 (#4823)

CREMA: with vanilla cream, wrapped $26.89 (#4824)

MANDARINO di CIACULLI: raisins & late Sicilian mandarins, boxed $31.99 (#4825)

NOËL: raisins, candied pear, cinnamon, clove & star anise, boxed $31.49 (#4826)

A.D. 1476: boxed, 500g, with raisins, candied orange and citron peel $23.79 (#4827)

PANETTONCINO: boxed 100g, the smallest made $7.49 (#4828)


3 KILO $74.40 (#4829)

5 KILO $117.99 (#4830)

10 KILO $231.00 (#4831)

VENEZIANA is less buttery and fluffy in texture than panettone, spiced reflecting Venice’s long tradition on the Spice Road. Panettone is Milano and Veneziana is, well, Venice.

VENEZIANA AMARENE e CANELLA: Cherries & cinnamon 550g $21.99 (#4832)

VENEZIANA CIOCCOLATO e SPEZIE: Chocolate & spices 550g $23.79 (#4833)

VENEZIANA ALBICOCCA e SPEZIE: Apricots, ginger, spices 550g $23.79 (#4834)

VENEZIANA ALL’ALPIANE: with Vignalta Alpiane passito, wrapped $29.69 (#4835)



Ever popular, BAGHI PAN DOLCE ALL’ALPIANE, is made with a mother yeast leaven dough, candied fruits and then at the end of baking Vignalta Orange Muscat is poured on top of the cake which is baked in its jar. So, in the end you have an almost cylindrical shaped cake, very tender, that is wonderful with vanilla flavored whipped cream. It can be eaten out of the baking jar, for two people, or sliced and served for 4-6 desserts. A unique presentation and delicious.


240g Weck Jar $19.99 (#4836)

$107.00 case of 6 (#4836C)


At the holiday period, we tend not to think of price, but quality, rarity and appropriateness. One such idea is Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale (ABT). This is the only authentic balsamic vinegar made from boiled down grape juice (must) and then aged for a very long period is small casks of various different woods which lend an inimitable flavor to this condiment. Although it is called “vinegar,” ABT is more of a condiment. Rarely used by itself, in dressing a salad, it is mixed with good, normal wine vinegar to enrich the wine vinegar and to mellow it out. Used on grilled meats, for example, it acts more like a sauce. On vanilla ice cream, it is a topping, unusual and perfect. With fresh strawberries, it is wonderful.

Due to the availability of an industrial type of vinegar, ABT is almost never seen. Its price is also a consideration since real ABT must be expensive. It takes years to age and to perfect. Time is money! Beginning with its base of boiled down, concentrated grape must, it cannot be cheap. When thinking about giving a gift that is unusual and unusually good, you should think about Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale. Anyone with an idea of being knowledgeable about food would appreciate this gift. It acknowledges their sophistication and your magnanimity.

Corti Brothers were the first to bring ABT to this country. Since 1982, we have offered the various ages of ABT produced by one family in their “acetaia,” or vinegar aging house. First called San Geminiano, now Castello di Vergnano, it is the same product which we initially offered. Castello di Vergnano ABT comes in the 100 ml bottles controlled by the Consortium of Reggio Emilia. This is one of the two governing bodies that tastes each of the products prior to bottling and confirms its quality.

Since ABT is made by blending the product from different casks in the different “batterias,” no exact date can be attributed to the product. But what is more important actually, is the age of the various wood casks that contain the vinegar at different stages in its development. Thus, it’s the wood that makes all the difference. We have three ages of ABT. The oldest ABT from 11 tiny casks that were started about 1650. This is AN12. Another is AS19, which was begun in 1855, and the last, AS15, which was begun in 1970. When we started importing Castello di Vergnano, this last one was just a baby.


AN 12 (1650) $499.99 (#4837)

AS 19 (1855) $139.99 (#4838)

AS 15 (1970) $83.99 (#4839)


MASTRO ACETAIO: Castello di Vergnano’s daily vinegar

You should know about this product since it is made with the same care as the ABT. MASTRO ACETAIO, means the Master Vinegar Maker. It is a blend of young ABT, made with just boiled down must and old wine vinegar. This is the blend to be used for dressing salads, already made for you. This is a dressing for everything when you want to have the Balsamico taste and character without spending a lot of money. But, you can be certain that it has real flavor and character, since the bases are the same as for ABT.

MASTRO ACETAIO, Castello di Vergnano blend

$16.99 250ml (#4840)

$91.00 case of 6 (#4840C)


I like to present this extraordinary cheese during the Holidays since it fits in with leisurely dinners with a mature vintage Port or red wine. COUGAR GOLD is a cheddar-like cheese made at Washington State University that is unique in that it is aged in anerobic conditions in its tin. It matures very well and the provident buy several tins when we have them and age them for future use. I think it is the perfect wine cheese since it does not have the sharp, acid character normally found in aged cheese, but it remains sweet and yet mature tasting, not bothering the taste of its accompanying wine.

The Creamery at Washington State cannot produce a great deal of this cheese, and consequently the supply is limited. You should get it while you can.

COUGAR GOLD CHEESE 2018 production $36.99 the tin (#4841)



Using the name MONASTERY BAKED GOODS, the community of Benedictine nuns in Ferdinand, Indiana, produce and package an interesting line of traditional German style cookies. The nuns arrived in the U.S. in 1852 from the Benedictine abbey of St. Walburga, in Eichstätt, Germany to minister to the German speakers in the Midwest. In 1867, they established another foundation in Ferdinand, Indiana. They carried on the German tradition of baking, especially for the holidays, and offer the anise oil flavored, chewy, white, thick cookie, SPRINGERLE, a traditional German Christmas cookie. ALMERLE, is a similar cookie, but flavored with almond oil rather than anise. Using the traditional recipe for a spice cookie given by St. Hildegard of Bingen, a medieval Benedictine nun poetess, mystic, and writer, the sisters produce HILDEGARD cookies. Recently, a new shape has been introduced as a mini round cookie rather than the traditional rectangular one.

SIMPLY LEMON cookies are a crisp outside, chewy centered cookie made with fresh lemon juice and zest. GINGERSNAPS, flavored with ginger and cinnamon with a crackly character, are crispy and crunchy.

Recently, pretzels have joined the lineup. These are broken pretzels, not whole ones, that are differently flavored. They are called PRAYERFUL pretzels coming from the traditional, crossed arm shape of pretzels. There is HONEY MUSTARD, with a kick of tangy mustard and sweetness from honey. SWEET pretzels are coated with a mixture of cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg. SPICY pretzels are hot, with a hint of sweetness. And a gluten free option is also available in this one only. These will all come in handy for holiday entertaining..



6 COUNT bagged $7.99 each bag (#4842)

Gift Boxed 12 COUNT $14.99 each (#4843)


4 COUNT bagged $7.99 each bag(#4844)

Gift Boxed 8 COUNT $14.99 each (#4845)

GINGERSNAPS: 8 oz bag $6.99 each (#4846)

HILDEGARD MINIS: 8 oz bag $6.99 each (#4847)

SIMPLY LEMON: 8 oz bag $6.99 each (#4848)


SPICY: 8 oz bag $5.99 each bag (#4849)

SPICY GLUTEN FREE 4 oz bag $4.99 (#4850)

HONEY MUSTARD: 8 oz bag $5.99 (#4851)

SWEET: 8 oz bag $5.99 (#4852)

TERMS OF SALE: This list supersedes all others. All taxable items, such as wine, beer, or spirits will be taxed at the rate of 8.75%. This is for all sales since we sell in California. Foodstuffs are not taxable. Shipping will be charged at prevailing rates. PLEASE NOTE: In extreme weather, either hot or cold, please give us a shipping address where your order may be properly received and stored. Corti Brothers cannot be responsible for items left without protection.

Order transit times can increase during the holiday season. Please order early to assure availability.



So how do you pronounce KAJKAB? (Kahzhkab) In Mayan, it is the word for “bitter drink” later, CACAO. Single Origin means that the cacao beans come from an individual site, with a unique character. Much like grapes for wine, the beans are grown in a special place, and then fermented, roasted, milled, and the “massecuit” conched with unrefined organic sugar and nothing else. Conching is the continual mixing of the milled cacao with sugar until it becomes CHOCOLATE. There is nothing added to mask flavor or to smooth out the chocolate. With just two ingredients, that means they both must be of very high quality in order to stand up to production. No mistakes are permitted.

Kajkab Single Origin Chocolates are from Peru, Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Ecuador, Tanzania, and Vietnam. Production is done under the watchful eyes of the “Maestro Chocolatero” Diego Ceballos in Tecate, Baja California. The cacoa level is 73%. They come in 1 ½ inch round “palettes,” 15 palettes to a round, lined tube. These are just the thing for that chocolate lover in your life. The palette tubes all cost $11.99 each.

Ucayali River 2017 Peru: Mild fruit, floral notes of spice and wood, low bitterness, soft and delicate (#4853)

Öko-Caribe 2017 Dominican Republic: mango and honey, earthy undertones (#4854)

Akesson’s Bejofo Estate 2018 Madagascar: fresh, tart, soft, fleshy, nut tones, mild astringency (#4855)

Esmeraldas 2017 Ecuador: low acidity and astringency, fruit and roasted nuts, floral notes (#4856)

Kokoa Kamili 2018 Tanzania: candied orange notes, light smoky character (#4857)

Dak Lak 2018 Vietnam: earthy, light ripe pineapple note, balanced, low acidity and bitterness (#4858)


FREISA is a Piemontese grape variety which generally gets overlooked in the wine world. It was very well liked by the notables at the University of California in the early days (before Prohibition) and was never much thought of after. It is a nicely dark red wine in Bryan Harrington’s iteration. It has been bottled early to preserve its freshness and a bit of CO2. In Piemonte, it is one of the everyday wines, and together with Barbera, was recommended by the University for growing in California. It has good color (in California), very good natural acidity, and has a parent-offspring relationship to nebbiolo. One characteristic in California is the misspelling of its name: Fresa, Fresia and the like. It is pronounced: FREY-zah. Well worth remembering!

Harrington Wines will be closed by the time you read this, and Bryan Harrington’s carefully made wines will soon be but a memory except for collectors’ cellars. This Freisa is from Skow vineyard in San Benito County; you should try it since it has all the requisites for modern day wine drinkers. It has a nice red color, lightly scented with a small red fruit scent, and a very much “come hither” flavor, like its scent. It is probably the best “pasta” wine I could imagine. In Piemonte, it is the true first course wine.

A word about Bryan Harrington’s winemaking. Here is a winemaker who comes from the fruit preservation, anti-oxidation school. He racks his wines only once, sometimes not even using oak for aging, uses judicious topping up and low SO2. The idea is to preserve freshness going into bottle aging. Hence, his wines last very well in an open bottle, improving with air. This is one school of winemaking. There are others. But this is probably how wine should be made, now rarely is.

HARRINGTON WINES 2018 FREISA 13.2% $22.49 750ml (#4859) $242.00 cs/12 (#4859C)

Note:The un-linked items in the newsletter are not available for purchase on our website. If you are interested in any of those items, please phone or email us your request.    916-736-3800 or 800-509-Food



The pistachio grown on the western slope of Sicily’s Mount Etna, PISTACCHIO DI BRONTE is harvested only in odd numbered years. 2019 is one of these years. Pistachio trees are alternate bearing, producing heavy crops every other year. The farmers remove the flowers in the “off” year to allow the trees to rest. We will again have these brilliant green, peeled pistachios, hopefully by the time you read this. Otherwise we will ship them to order, when they do arrive this year.

The PISTACCHI DI BRONTE are so good, pastry makers in Italy say they use them; many do, just to enhance the prestige of their products. They are a real treat when peeled, with a delicate, yet intense flavor that is inimitable. They will be vacuum bagged by Corti Brothers and should be kept in the refrigerator and removed a few minutes before serving. They are best enjoyed as they are, at room temperature. They will enhance your glass of Vintage Port, Vintage Madeira and are particularly perfect with old Marsala, Vin Santo, or a Passito wine. Please let us know how many bags you would like and we will ship them upon their arrival.

A curiosity: Horatio Nelson, Admiral Lord Nelson of Britain, was given a title and property by the king of Naples Ferdinand IV, in 1799, in gratitude to the British admiral for liberating Naples from the French under Napoleon. This title and property were at Bronte, in Sicily. Lord Nelson became the first Duca di Bronte. His signature from then on became Nelson Bronte. His heirs still bear the title.

PISTACCHI DI BRONTE, peeled, vacuum bagged $26.99 6 oz bag (#4860)

Very limited quantity!


PHOENIX OOLONG is a tea I selected from the stocks of a grower/producer from very tall, older trees that has the inimitable scent and flavor of this particular type of oolong. The plants are grown very high up, about 1300 meters in Guandong province in southern China. We (I was with Wing-chi Ip, of Lock Cha Tea shop in Hong Kong and Rick Mindermann), visited gardens on Phoenix Mountains for two days, saw the production of the spring harvest of two different Dan Cong teas, and selected this one--Ba Xian (Eight Immortals) to bring back to Sacramento. The 2019 harvest tea will be available next year. This Ba Xian is from 2018. The name Dan Cong means “individual bushes” since the plants are not in a garden-like plantation, but are individual trees with some age to them, unusual in tea production.

The Phoenix oolong type is very fragrant and very flavorful, The scent and flavor components are similar: very fruity with a distinctive mango, lychee, peach/muscat character. It should be brewed with just under boiling water and for a very short period in order to preserve the fragrance and flavor. The liquor color should be a medium yellow color, with brewing time just “in and out,” no long steeping. Steeping should be about 10 seconds and go up for subsequent steepings. You should be able to get at least 10 steepings from this tea.

From the same grower, I also liked very much his Lanhua Xiang or Orchid Scent oolong. This is another type of Dan Cong oolong, with a different scent. It is less forceful, very light yet present, hence its name of “orchid scented.” Rarer than most Dan Cong oolongs, it is noted for its delicacy and honied character.

Phoenix oolong is a tea which probably makes the best iced tea imaginable. All you do is brew the tea and then pour it into another container, doing this until you have the amount of iced tea required, then chilling the brewed tea. It must be brewed, not just steeped. For ice tea, please use about twice the amount that you would to make normal tea. Since you are serving it cold, temperature requires more flavor than when serving just brewed hot tea. It can become addictive.

LOCK CHA PHOENIX OOLONG ( Ba Xian Xiang) 50g box $28.59 each (#4861)

LOCK CHA ORCHID OOLONG (Lanhua Xiang) 50g box $39.49 each (#4862)


Anhui Yellow Tea 75g $11.49 (#4863) A rare, intermediate color and flavor of green tea.

Dongding Bilochun (Taiwan) 50g $25.49 (#4864) A green tea, with enormous flavor.

Alishan Oolong (Taiwan) 75g $44.59 (#4865) Perhaps Taiwan’s classic oolong style.

Premium Oriental Beauty (Taiwan) 50g $47.99 (#4866) The unique “bitten” leaf oolong tea from Taiwan.

Phoenix Oolong (Tongtian Xiang) “Flavor that goes to Heaven” 50g $44.59 (#4867) Another Dan Cong style.

Lock Cha 20th Anniversary Green Pu-er cake 100g in tin $31.99 (#4868) An anniversary cake for aging or drinking.


This white tuna preparation is considered the finest made by ORTIZ. It is so fine that the box housing the tin of tuna in olive oil is dated giving the year of catch. Meant to be kept for several years before consuming, it can be eaten right now, but becomes even silkier and more flavorful with time in aging. You should keep some just to see what happens to the tuna. Then it should be eaten, almost right out of the tin with good bread and a bit of salted butter. If you want a quick and very satisfying meal, this is it. Or drained and added to a cream sauce and cooked egg tagliatelle, Ortiz Reserva de Familia, makes the best tuna casserole you have ever had.

$7.99 112g (#4869) $47.00 cs/6 (#4869C)


GIULIANO’S TOMATO SAUCE From Giuliano Hazan, Marcella Hazan’s son, comes this lovely pink tinged sauce made with San Marzano tomatoes, onions and butter. It is perfect for a very fast meal with Mancini Pasta. The jar is enough sauce for 500g of pasta and serves 4-6 easily. A very easy meal!

16 oz jar $9.99 (#4870)

Case of 6 $53.00 (#4870C)

BACCALÀ AND STOCCAFISSO: Norwegian Superior and Canadian Salt Cod and air dried codfish.

Norwegian Superior: Salt Cod with skin/bones $17.99 lb.(#4871) avg, wt. 3 lbs

Canadian: Salt Cod boneless and skinless $16.99 lb (#4872) 1 lb pieces, or avg. wt. 3 lb. side pieces.

Stoccafisso Ragno Dried Cod from Norway: $39.99 lb (#4873) whole fish only, avg. wt. 1.75-2 lb

Note:The un-linked items in the newsletter are not available for purchase on our website. If you are interested in any of those items, please phone or email us your request.    916-736-3800 or 800-509-Food

LEVONI COTECHINO di Modena SAUSAGE  A necessity for celebrating New Year in the Italian fashion with fat and plenty. This is the “fat” wish for the year.

500g box $14.99 (#4874)

BARTOLINI UMBRIAN LENTILS  These are the “plenty” wish for the New Year.

500g bag $4.99 (#4875)

BALL CLUB CHIPPEWA WILD RICE 2019 Harvest.  A North American original. Delicious and easy to cook and an alternative to other starches on your menu. Hand harvested from Minnesota.

12 oz bag $17.99 (#4876)

A WONDERFUL COOKBOOK: Canal House COOK SOMETHING, Hamilton & Hirscheimer.

Right now, if you know of someone who is just getting into cooking or someone who wants to refine their cooking, I cannot recommend more highly this cookbook. For the novice cook, it is a hand holder. For the experienced cook it is a mine of new and innovative ideas. To all, it is a pleasure to read and then ask” Why didn’t I think of this before?” Lots of lovely photographs and 300 really good recipes.

426 pages, $35.00 plus tax (#4877)


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