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NOTE: Expected availability date - Nov 21, 2019


The pistachio grown on the western slope of Sicily’s Mount Etna, PISTACCHIO DI BRONTE is harvested only in odd numbered years. 2019 is one of these years. Pistachio trees are alternate bearing, producing heavy crops every other year. The farmers remove the flowers in the “off” year to allow the trees to rest. We will again have these brilliant green, peeled pistachios, hopefully by the time you read this. Otherwise we will ship them to order, when they do arrive this year.

The PISTACCHI DI BRONTE are so good, pastry makers in Italy say they use them; many do, just to enhance the prestige of their products. They are a real treat when peeled, with a delicate, yet intense flavor that is inimitable. They will be vacuum bagged by Corti Brothers and should be kept in the refrigerator and removed a few minutes before serving. They are best enjoyed as they are, at room temperature. They will enhance your glass of Vintage Port, Vintage Madeira and are particularly perfect with old Marsala, Vin Santo, or a Passito wine. Please let us know how many bags you would like and we will ship them upon their arrival.

A curiosity: Horatio Nelson, Admiral Lord Nelson of Britain, was given a title and property by the king of Naples Ferdinand IV, in 1799, in gratitude to the British admiral for liberating Naples from the French under Napoleon. This title and property were at Bronte, in Sicily. Lord Nelson became the first Duca di Bronte. His signature from then on became Nelson Bronte. His heirs still bear the title.

PISTACCHI DI BRONTE, peeled, vacuum bagged

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