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Shopkeeping the Corti Way: 

Frank Corti And Gino Corti started Corti Brothers in 1947 with a mission to expand the culinary experiences of their Sacramento neighbors.  They offered delicacies and wines from diverse cuisines that were not readily available elsewhere in Northern California.  Toward this end, Frank sought to employ people who, though not shop owners themselves, were 'shopkeepers' in that they were interested in the products they sold and the people they served.  Frank would say, "At Corti Brothers we just don't hand people products, we also talk food with them."

 The Grocer Savant: 

Frank's goal to educate was literally embodied in his son Darrell, whose encyclopedic knowledge of food and wine attracts queries from around the world.  As told by Ruth Reichl in her memoir Comfort Me With Apples, Colman Andrews described Darrell to her as the man "who knows more about food and wine than anyone else in the world."

In 1967, using his role as an insider's insider, he reached out to the rest of the country with a newsletter, featuring rare, high quality food items and wines discovered during his travels in Europe and Asia.  After forty plus years of continuous publication, it is still prized for its wealth of information, including essential details about a product's history, modes of production, uses, and occasional esoteric bits that 'foodies' adore.  Never dull, Darrell is known for free expression of his wide ranging opinions, which are often iconoclastic and seldom sugar-coated.

Darrell's contribution to the food and wine literacy of his friends, associates, and customers has been considerable.  He played a large role in the development of wine production in Amador County.  He was made a Cavaliere, the Italian equivalent of knighthood, by the Italian government for his efforts in promoting Italian products, not the least of which was the almost single-handed introduction of Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale to America.  Darrell, an early champion of local olive production, has seen his efforts bear fruit as chairman of the Los Angeles County Fair's International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition.

  Forwarding Frank's Traditions: 

Corti Brothers retains the old fashion corner grocery charm that has long been our trademark.  Our comprehensive full service delicatessen provides the best of worlds, bringing you the classics, as well as latest cheeses and charcuterie. Our sandwiches and ravioli are legend among locals.  True to the original recipe, our ravioli are the oldest continuously produced food product in Sacramento.  The full service meat department offers journeyman meat cutters, with decades of experience, who produce consummately crafted cuts from the finest sourced products.  Our grocery department is a treasure trove of unique, hard-to-find items from around the world.  Our truly catholic selection of wines is accompanied by knowledgeable wine stewards to assist with questions or recommendations.  With frequent tastings, we specialize in sorting out the few, truly excellent, yet little known gems, that are sure to enrich a meal.

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