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To Our Customers:

With the tensions and disasters from this year, it is my hope that you all will find Peace, Serenity and Joy in the 2017 Holiday Season and in the New Year.
Darrell Corti


Please order early to assure availability of our products. Many do sell out quickly. We normally ship in 24-48 hours, but Holiday season volume and bad weather may delay the delivery of orders. Please allow 1-3 extra days over our normal processing in order to receive your order when expected. Overnight, 2 Day, and 3 Day shipping may not be guaranteed by UPS during the high volume Holiday period.

When panettone arrives, it’s holiday time. Together with our traditional panettone we also have the Pandolce al Vaso and Veneziana with Alpiane. Due to favorable exchange rates, panettone prices have come down and we are passing these on to you, our customers. Please take advantage of this! Unless noted, all sizes are one kilo.


This season, we have bought another exceptional flavor for panettone. It is a traditional panettone called 1476, the presumed date of the first production of this bread. There are the two Veneziana: similar to panettone but with less candied fruit. One with amarena cherry and cinnamon and the other with Alpiane passito wine.

MANDARINO, with the peel of the Late Mandarino di Ciaculli (Palermo), boxed, wrapped. $31.29 (#4300)
AMARENA, with large, candied black cherries, boxed, wrapped $30.79 (#4301)
REGAL CIOCCOLATO, chocolate cream filled with chocolate pieces, boxed, wrapped $31.19 (#4302)
NOËL, with candied pears, cinnamon and cloves, boxed, wrapped $31.29 (#4303)
MARRON GLACÉ, filled with candied chestnut cream, boxed, wrapped $32.19 (#4304)
FICO, with pieces of white Calabrian Dotato fig, boxed, wrapped $33.99 (#4305)
LATA, in the new tin design for this year, embossed “wild rose” design 750g $29.99 (#4306)
CREMA, vanilla pastry cream filling, wrapped, with bow $26.99 (#4307)
LIMONE, limoncello cream filling, wrapped, with bow $26.99 (#4308)
TORCOLATO, Large Turkish raisins plumped in Maculan Torcolato wine, wrapped, bow $29.99 (#4309)
CHINOTTO, with candied green Chinotto citrus pieces, boxed, wrapped $32.19 (#4310)
ROSA, with rose petal jam cream filling, boxed, wrapped $31.29 (#4311)
CLASSICO 1476, The most classic of panettone, Slow Food Presidium ingredients $30.59 (#4312)
CLASSICO 1476, 500g The most classic of panettone, Slow Food Presidium ingredients, boxed $23.19 (#4313)
PANETTONCINO, the smallest made, 100g, boxed $7.29 (#4314)
VENEZIANA AMARENE & CANELLA, large black cherries and cinnamon, boxed , 550 g $22.79 (#4315)
VENEZIANA ALL’ALPIANE, with Vignalta passito wine, Alpiane, wrapped, with bow $29.59 (#4316)

MAGNUM PANETTONE, cello wrapped with bow

3 KILO SIZE $77.39 each (#4317)

5 KILO SIZE $114.19 each (#4318)

10 KILO SIZE $261.89 each (#4319)


Corti Brothers has now offered Bardi panettone for 20 years. The product always satisfies and is well beloved by our customers.

BASSO: low shape, traditionally boxed, kilo size, $22.29 (#4320)
ALTO: classic, tall shape, traditionally boxed, kilo size, $19.99 (#4321)
GLASSATO ALLA NOCCIOLA: with hazelnut glaze, kilo size, wrapped, $24.99 (#4 4322)
SENZA CANDITI: only raisins, no candied fruit, kilo size, wrapped, $21.99 (#4323)
CIOCCOLATO FONDENTE: low shape, chocolate glazed, kilo size, wrapped, $25.59 (#4324)
PANDORO: tall, star shaped New Year’s cake, no fruit, vanilla sugar, kilo size, boxed, $21.19 (#4325)


BAGHI PANDOLCE ALL’ALPIANE is novel, and it is a great hit. The 60 hours moist raised dough, with mother leaven, and stone ground Italian wheat, Belgian butter, cage free fresh eggs, and house candied Calabrian oranges, is baked in a WECK thermal resistant jar to produce a jar baked bread. Then it is injected with Vignalta Alpiane, the noted orange muscat dessert wine produced in the Colli Euganei. The result is a slightly moister type of bread than panettone and can also be used as the base for other dessert preparations. It can be sliced into rounds and served with whipped cream or zabaione, or even toasted for breakfast. It is unique, delicious and comes in its reusable jar.

BAGHI PANDOLCE ALL’ALPIANE 26 oz. (WECK re-usable jar) $19.99 (#4326) $107.00 cs/6 (#4326C)


CASTELLO DI VERGNANO ACETO BALSAMICO TRADIZIONALE is the original balsamico we have imported since 1982. Then it was called San Geminiano. Now it has reverted to its more historical name--that of Castello di Vergnano, the original name of the location in the eastern foothills of the Appenines in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna. I like putting this product on our Holiday newsletter since it is authentic, true Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale–something which is often forgotten in the sale of “balsamic” vinegar. This, ABT is the real deal. Anything else that says anything different, may be very good, but it is not the real product. And to be further controlled, Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale is bottled by the governing consortium which guarantees its production.

Expensive? Of course. But this is probably the food gift par excellence and the recipient will not forget your generosity. A slightly different product, still from the same production, are the bottlings from Castello di Vergnano dated 8, 12, and 25. These are the bottlings done by the estate which correspond to the Consortium bottlings, but estate bottled. They are the exact same products under a slightly different dress and called only Condimento, or condiment, since they are not “officially” bottled. The only difference is in the packaging and then the price: they are a little less expensive. In either case, both are guaranteed to be “real” Aceto Balsamico, rather than something of dubious provenance. What is the difference in balsamic vinegars? Just look at the ingredient label. If it says grape must, this is the real thing. If the ingredients first read wine vinegar, this is not authentic. It is the blended, commercial balsamico confected from many ingredients. NOT the slow fermentation and acetification of boiled down grape must.


AS-15 (1970) 100ml $ 83.99 (#4327)
AS-19 (1855) 100ml $139.99 (#4328)
AN-12 (1650) 100ml $499.99 (#4329)


Passione per Balsamico 8 100ml $35.99 (#4330)
Passione per Balsamico 12 100ml $46.39 (#4331)
Passione per Balsamico 25 100ml $92.89 (#4332)


This extra virgin olive oil has proven to be a very difficult catch. But finally, we have it. For three years hand running, DIEVOLE CORATINA OIL has won the Los Angeles International Olive oil competition’s highest award, the Mugelli Prize. And it does so using the extraction system created by its namesake, Marco Mugelli, who was one of Italy’s foremost oil experts and a taster for the Los Angeles competition. This Coratina oil is produced from fruit cultivated in Calabria and transported to Tuscany, to the Dievole estate, where it is milled. Other oils are produced there which are very good, but it has been this particular oil to win the top prize. Now you can experience it yourself.

Almost a year old, (the new production is probably not even made at this writing), it is still an oil which is very much alive and shows the heights to which oil can aspire. We do not have much left, since it arrived in early summer. But it will be very good in your pantry for this holiday/winter season. It is what the standard for really excellent oil should be.

DIEVOLE CORATINA EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL 500ml bottle $29.99 (#4333) $161.00 cs/6 (#4333C)


With this notice, I would like to inform you that both Corti Brothers EXQUISITE WHISKEY and RED AND YELLOW BARREL GIN will soon be history. There are now very few cases left. If you have tasted these two products and wish to have some in the cellar, now is the time to get them. This is the last of the Mission del Sol barrels project, and there will be no more.

A recent visit by the owner of a Scotch distillery, who was shown the Exquisite Whiskey, remarked that it reminded him of a 43 year old Highland whiskey he had just tasted, and he left buying a bottle to take back to Scotland. The Red and Yellow Barrel Gin is not your gin and tonic gin, but a serious London Dry gin with wood character. A gin for sipping neat or with ice, perhaps even a gin to make a Martinez cocktail, the ancestor of the Martini. But both bottlings will not last long. You should be provident and lay some in.

CORTI BROTHERS EXQUISITE WHISKEY RESERVE 45.25% $59.99 750ml (#4334) $323.00 cs/6 (#4334C)

CORTI BROTHERS RED AND YELLOW BARREL GIN 45% $39.99 750ml (#4335) $215.00 cs/6 (#4335C)


COUGAR GOLD CHEESE is the result of war! In fact it may the only good thing ever to have come out of war. During World War II, it was created by Washington State University to be used as military rations. It is the only cheese that I know of that is made and aged in a tin can. Normally, one does not think of cheese aged in a can, but Cougar Gold has become famous for this methodology. It is a “cheddar” like cheese that I think is possibly the best cheese to accompany wine. It has very low acidity, which does not change the taste of wine, and does have the clean sharpness of an aged cheese. Unique, it is made only at Pullman, Washington, and deserves to be better known.

It is also an easy to care for cheese. Just buy several tins and put them in your refrigerator and turn them from time to time. They just sit there getting better and better. It is also a cheese that is firm, with a crumbly texture, a pale yellow color and it will have specks of tyrosomine on it. Once the can is opened, wrap the cheese in waxed paper and then film and enjoy it until it’s gone. I think it is perfect with an old Cabernet or Vintage Port, perhaps not rich enough for Burgundy. If you like cheese and have not had Cougar Gold, you owe it to yourself to try it. It is hard to resist. By the way, when was the last time you had a 10 year old cheese?


Production 2016  $32.99 (#4336)

RESERVE 2007 $74.99 tin (#4337)


A “passito” wine is a wine traditionally made in Italy by allowing grapes to wither after picking to increase sugar, and then fermented slowly to produce a naturally sweet wine, either white or red, to be used as a dessert wine. UVAGGIO VERMENTINO PASSITO is an example of this style of winemaking but made in California. In fact, the fruit was from a vineyard in Lodi. I say “from” because the production of this wine entailed the cutting of the trunks of the vines in the vineyard prior to their removal. It was a drastic move, but since the vineyard was destined for removal, a last vintage was made making this passito wine. But, rather than withering the clusters off the vine, the clusters were withered on the vine for several weeks and then the fruit harvested.

To be really orthodox, it is more a “late harvest” wine than a passito, but the clusters were withered--hence the “passito” name. In any event, the wine is delicious! Vermentino is a Mediterranean littoral variety also known as Rolle in France, but grown all along the Riviera in Italy. Uvaggio winery, more a brand than winery, run by Jim Moore, has made Vermentino famous in California.

Uvaggio Vermentino Passito is a pale golden-green color, with a very fragrant, gooseberry or quince-like perfume, a delicate sweetness, very clean and mouthfilling, with a fresh character and sweetness not at all cloying. The Uvaggio Vermentino Passito is a non-vintage wine since this blend is composed of 38% 2012 vintage (the original trial) and 62% of the 2013. Seventeen percent of moscato giallo was added after these clusters were sun dried for several days. But it is 100% from Lodi and probably the best dessert wine to come from that appellation.

Yet it is a sweet wine whose acidity belies its sugar–9.2%. This is the perfect wine for desserts that are fruit based, moderately sugary or when you want a light dessert wine rather than a full throttle one. There isn’t much of it, and it really is good.

UVAGGIO VERMENTINO PASSITO 12.9% $19.99 500ml (#4338) $215.00 cs/12 (#4338C)

PROPRIETÀ SPERINO LESSONA 2010: a new old property

LESSONA, a red wine from Italy’s Piemonte, had almost fallen into oblivion. At the beginning of the 20th century however, it was the most expensive wine for sale in Italy. Made from nebbiolo and two other complementary varieties, bonarda and vespolina, it is a very special wine from what is eastern Piemonte, bordering Lombardia.

Lessona is also one of the best “risotto” wines going. It has that spice necessary for melding with the rich unctuousness of risotto and then the sprightliness to make enjoying a risotto pleasant and not heavy.

PROPRIETÀ SPERINO is the name of a major estate in Lessona that had ceased production in 1952, when the villa and cellar were simply closed. I first saw this property in 1978, when I decanted in the villa’s dining room with some friends, a ‘68 Lessona--that is 1868 vintage! Now owned by Paolo DeMarchi and his son Luca, the first new era Lessona was the 2004 vintage, which I wrote about in an earlier newsletter. The DeMarchi family also owns the famous Chianti Classico property of Isole e Olena. Proprietà Sperino was the name given by the new ownership to what had been a family property, the property of a great-great uncle of the DeMarchi family, the Senatore Sperino. Hence the name. You can see the property and cellars on CortiTV. Just go to and hit the “Corti TV” link. It can be found by scrolling through the “Sicily - Venice - Northern Italy 2011 Blog”.

A nebbiolo based wine, Proprietà Sperino 2010 is just about right for drinking now. It can also be kept for some time. The first vintage 2004, is now drinking exceptionally well. This wine is remarkable for its finesse and delicacy, somewhat like famous names in Burgundy making wines that are not “faux” something else, but wines with delicacy. Eastern Piemonte is coming back with renewed interest in the various vineyard areas it contains. Proprietà Sperino is one of the renewed estates from an area, which was over a hundred years ago, one of the most important in Italy. If you like Burgundy on the de Montille model, then this wine is for you. With white truffle season here, try Lessona from Proprietà Sperino with a truffle risotto. You’ll thank me.

LESSONA 2010, Proprietà Sperino, 14% $74.99 750ml (#4339) $404.00 cs/6 (#4339C)


In California there is a small, almost ad-hox group called the NEB, an acronym meaning Nebbiolo Enthusiasts and Boosters. It is mainly comprised of producers of nebbiolo grape wines throughout California together with really committed amateurs. At a recent meeting of the NEB, in Clarksburg, south of Sacramento in the Delta area, we tasted several Piemontese nebbioli and then a series of nebbiolo wines produced in California. There were some very fine wines. To my taste one stood out as being really terrific: L.A. LEPIANE NEBBIOLO 2013.

Produced by Alison Thomson, a young lady winemaker in Santa Barbara, the grapes come from Sisquoc Vineyard, one of the earliest vineyards in Santa Barbara County. The nebbiolo planted postdates the original plantings and is the Michet clone, which arrived in the late 1980s in California. One acre of nebbiolo was planted in 1998, in the clay soil along the Siquoc river. The grapes were harvested on 23 October 2013, fermented with indigenous yeast and left on the skins for 35 days, and then pressed into a 600 liter neutral barrel for 33 months. It was bottled on August 15, 2016, released for sale November, 2017.

The Lepiane Nebbiolo 2013 is to my mind the most expressive and best varietally typical nebbiolo wine I have tasted in California. It has the proper deep red, not black color; a fragrant aroma, of berries and tar, typical of nebbiolo with the violet character called “goudron” so seldom found in this varietal. There is the austere character typical of nebbiolo that is even now beginning to soften and show its harmonious side. L.A. Lepiane was the name of Alisons’s great grandfather, also a California winemaker. This wine is a wonderful remembrance. If this 2013 wine is an example, Alison Thomson will go far in winemaking in California.

L. A. LEPIANE NEBBIOLO 2013 14.2% $44.99 750ml (#4340) $485.00 cs/12 (#4340C)


STOCCAFISSO RAGNO (Highest quality Norwegian Stockfish, average wgt. 1.85 lbs) $37.99 lb (#4341)

NORWEGIAN BACCALÀ, Salt Cod with skin and bones, highest quality $18.99 lb (#4342) Avg.wgt. 2-4 lbs

LEVONI COTECHINO (for New Year’s Day)$14.99 17.5oz (#4343)


FOOD GIFTS FROM SACRAMENTO (For those faraway friends or even those close ones.)

THE GOOD STUFF: Preserves made in Sacramento from local fruit and then some. These are locally sourced and represent Sacramento extremely well. All jars are 190 ml and sell for $10.99 each



LEMON CURD (#4347)

TOMATO JAM from local tomatoes (#4348)



STRAWBERRY BALSAMIC JAM with our Mastro Acetaio balsamico (#4351)

STRAWBERRY JAM WITH AGED CITRUS BITTERS bitters from 5 By 5 Bitters. (#4352)

WATERMELON RIND PICKLES: An old favorite made to our specifications, just a little less sugary. 16oz jar $9.99 (#4353)


This wafer cookie represents Sacramento in my travels all over the world. The 8, large, 7 inch round, filled wafers are delicious with almost anything, but fit very well with coffee, tea, wine, or a glass of milk. They will definitely make a hit when showing off Sacramento’s culinary aspect.

THE SACRAMENTO COOKIE, in its blue box with the Capitol dome $8.49 each (#4354)

While not exactly from Sacramento, but from the San Francisco Bay area, here are some ideas for those cold winter mornings:

From JEREMIAH’S PICK COFFEE, ETHIOPIA SIDAMO NENSEBO, medium roast coffee beans, in a reusable wide mouth, one quart, Ball glass jar, holding 12 oz of coffee. Ethiopian Sidamo is one of the world’s famous coffees and here you have it in a handy and very attractive package for using yourself or giving as a very thoughtful gift.

ETHIOPIA SIDAMO NENSEBO COFFEE BEANS (medium roast) 12 oz jar $15.99 (#4355)

To go with your winter breakfasts, BUTLER’S PANTRY CRUMPETS. Sugar free and fat free, these traditional British style crumpets, just need to be put in the toaster and heated for a very tasty accompaniment to your breakfast coffee or tea. In fact with Butler’s Pantry, tea and crumpets has never been easier. Another San Francisco Bay area
product, these shelf stable crumpets should be a pantry necessity. Very easy to use and convenient, you will wonder where they have been all your life. They also freeze well.

BUTLER’S PANTRY CRUMPETS, package of 8 $3.79 (#4356) $40.00 cs/12 (#4356C)

While not exactly from Sacramento itself, but from the end of the Sacramento Valley, that olive wizard, MAURICE PENNA, has come up with a very new way for you to prepare your own olives. Maurice’s family has been growing olives in the Sacramento Valley since 1951. He makes the range of olives sold under the M&CP FARMS. Now he has produced a half gallon jar of cured olives that will allow you to dress them according to your taste and ideas without having to go through the long process of actually curing the olives. The name for this new product is BUILD YOUR OWN OLIVE FLAVORS.™

Here you have cured olives in a brine, which you soak in fresh water overnight or a bit longer, depending on taste. You can crack them or not, also to your own taste, and then you just build the flavor that you want to give your own special olives. A recipe for this is on the jar or you can use your imagination. All you must do is de-brine the olives and then use them. The 2.5 lb jar is a reusable PET container, that is also shelf stable, but you only have to de-brine the olives, dress and enjoy. Obviously, the longer they are in your own special dressing, the more they become your own olives. Flavorful olives for entertaining could not be easier. And you can take pride in claiming them as your own.

BUILD YOUR OWN OLIVE FLAVORS, California Olives, Penna Farms,

2.5lb jar $11.99 (#4357)  Case of 6 $64.00 (#4357C)


We have just received a new shipment of this very famous, light fruity Ligurian oil which Corti Brothers has imported since 1980. There are numerous fans of this style of oil among our customers. This is the oil used by preference with simply boiled fish, making mayonnaise or pesto, or where ever you want a delicate oil flavor rather than a more forceful one. Ligurian oils are some of the most delicate oils produced in the world and Ardoino has been the most famous name in this oil for a very long time. In Italy, Ardoino Vall’Aurea is found in most of the highest rated restaurants in its signature, gold foil wrapped bottle.


$29.99 500ml bottle (#4358)  $161.00 cs/6 (#4358C)


We have had for some time wonderful tinned tuna products from Spain. Galicia, on Spain’s northwest coast has a long tradition of producing tinned sea food which is both delicious and handy to use, and currently very much sought after for dietetic reasons. We like to think that it is just plain delectable eating!

From Galicia, on the Atlantic coast of Spain, comes a producer new to us, CABO DE PEÑAS, with lovely tins of VENTRESCA, Tuna Belly, from both Bonito and Yellowfin tuna. Bonito goes by the name of “Bonito del Norte” and Yellowfin, “Atún Claro.” Ventresca is the tenderest and most highly prized tuna meat. This is not tuna sandwich tuna, but if you did make a tuna sandwich with it, you would be spoiled for life! All are packed in olive oil.

The other speciality of the region are tiny sardines, which are caught in the many inlets that form the coastline, the RÍAS, as they are called in Galego, another Romance language spoken in Spain. (And you thought that the Spaniards only spoke Spanish!) The company name refers to the fact that it is the Cape (Cabo) de Peñas (of Rocks) due to the eroded coastline of the area which at one time was called the End of the Earth (Finisterra).

CABO DE PEÑAS (Galicia, Spain)


4 oz $8.99 (#4359)  $97.00 case/12 (#4359C)

VENTRESCA DE ATÚN CLARO in organic olive oil

4 oz $7.99 (#4360)  $86.00 case/12 (#4360C)


4 oz $6.99 (#4361)  $75.00 case/12 (#4361C)

SARDINILLAS de Rías Gallegas (Baby Sardines)

3 oz $4.79 (#4362)  $51.00 case/12 (#4362C)


Note:The un-linked items in the newsletter are not available for purchase on our website. If you are interested in any of those items, please phone or email us your request.

916-736-3800 or 800-509-Food

TERMS OF SALE: This list supersedes all others. All taxable items, such as wine, beer, or spirits will be taxed at the rate of 8.25%. This is for all sales since we sell in California. Foodstuffs are not taxable. Shipping will be charged at prevailing rates. PLEASE NOTE: In extreme weather, either hot or cold, please give us a shipping address where your order may be properly received and stored. Corti Brothers cannot be responsible for items left without protection

Written by Darrell Corti — November 19, 2017

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