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Given the problems and difficulties of these past two years, it seems that we need a bit of respite. With the holidays, perhaps we will be able to enjoy them, lift a glass in merriment, and enjoy ourselves. Corti Brothers wishes all of our customers a joy filled season and a better New Year.

Darrell Corti


SPINOSI PASTA ALL’UOVO (Egg pasta to us)

SPINOSI brand of egg based pasta is possibly the best made in Italy. According to a wine merchant friend from Milano, it is “better than homemade.” In Italy a minimum of eggs in making egg pasta is 4 whole eggs per kilo of flour. The Spinosi egg pastas are made with 10 eggs per kilo of flour. The eggs are cracked by hand one by one; no water is added to the mix; and then with high quality Italian durum semolina flour, the mix is slowly kneaded and cut with bronze dies. The then cut pasta is slowly dried and packaged. Spinosi Pasta has been made since 1933 in Campofilone, a small city in Italy’s eastern seaboard region of the MARCHE, where egg pasta making is a tradition which dates back to the 1400s. This pasta was called “maccheroni fini fini.” Its golden yellow color is given by the intense, almost red colored egg yolks produced by chickens raised cage free and fed a diet with sunflower seeds and other high chlorophyl feed that produces deep colored egg yolks.

Such a high amount of egg content also gives Spinosi pasta a real toothsome structure so that you can taste the almost firm texture of egg based pasta dough when cooked. This toothsome quality is one of its remarkable
characteristics. The Spinosi boxes say on them that the producer is “The artisan of pasta as if home made.”

All the long cuts of pasta are in 8.8oz boxes layered on two sheets of white paper. This is a very good measure since only one sheet of pasta is needed for up to four persons as a first course or 2 or 3 dinners as a main course.

Spinosi Pasta long cuts and Strozzapretti are $9.99 the box, Nero di seppia is $11.49 the box, and Gluten free is $12.99 the box.

Tagliolini 2-3 mm wide (#5400)

Tagliolini nero di seppia (black pasta with squid ink (#5401)

Tagliatelle 8mm wide when cooked (#5402)

Fettucine 6.4 mm wide (#5403)

Fettucine with spinach (green colored) (#5404)

Pappardelle 3/4 to inch wide (#5405)

Spinobelli square cut like tagliolini (#5406)

Maccheroncini (a protected geographical name), 0.8 to 1.2 mm wide (This cut is like Angel Hair and was the original thin cut from the 1400s.) (#5407)

Strozzapretti a curled shape and short (#5408)

Gluten Free: Fettucine Zero from red lentils and eggs (#5409)


Last year Corti Brothers introduced Spiced Figs whose recipe came from Dick Graff of Chalone Vineyard. This year we had the same recipe made using white figs rather than black just to see how they would turn out. The figs were grown again on the fig farm of Harvey Correia just outside of Rio Vista in the Sacramento Delta region. Janet Macdonald of The Good Stuff again did the production following the original recipe.

Interestingly, the figs are slightly more firm than the black figs and are actually less sweet tasting than the black from last year. They are very aromatic and have a delicate fig flavor, reminiscent of Sémillon wine. They are meant to be sweet, but would also fit into a menu where you need a not too sweet condiment for ham and the like. There is not much to be had. Delicious with good vanilla ice cream. LIMIT: 6 jars per order.

CORTI BROTHERS SPICED WHITE FIGS 12 oz jar $13.99 (#5410) LIMIT 6 jars per order



Once again we have a Pinot Noir from Russian River produced at Dusty Baker’s West Sacramento winery. (Yes, that Dusty Baker!) The winemaker is Chik Brenneman, the now retired winemaker from UC Davis’s winery. The vineyard is in Russian River Valley, on Mark West Station Road, and the Moorehead Reserve refers to a couple–friends of Dusty Baker and Hank Aaron–who originally bought the grapes for this wine.

The clones in the vineyard are on the label: They are 667, 115, and Pommard. It is an interesting mix of old California and newish Burgundy. The alcohol for 2020, a distinctly different vintage from the 2019, now sold out, is 13.5% with a more elegant character to the wine. It still has that “cherry” character which I find in Russian River Pinot and a more elegant, fruity flavor than the previous year. I like this wine a great deal and hence its early bottling. Everything about this vintage is elegant and more-ish. Question is: When do you stop enjoying it?

Chik brought the sample to show me and I again immediately said yes to his offer. There is slightly more than in 2019 and this year also, magnums. However, there isn’t that much more and the time to take Pinots is when they are a-passing! Don’t dawdle!


$29.99 750ml (#5411) $323/cs/12 (#5411C)

$69.99 1.5L (#5412) 377.00 cs/6 (#5412C)

Note:The un-linked items in the newsletter are not available for purchase on our website. If you are interested in any of those items, please phone or email us your request.    916-736-3800 or 800-509-Food



ARDOINO OILS FROM LIGURIA: Vall’Aurea and the new Drupa Aurea

DRUPA AUREA is a Pitted Olive olive oil. This means that the fruit is pitted before its crushing and extracting the oil. This was a technology used in ancient times to make ceremonial oil and with the use of a fruit pitter, has come back into being used for larger production. A question in using this technology is that the olives should be rather ripe to be able to extract the pit. Green fruit is difficult to pit. It is made from ripe Taggiasca olives.

There is material in the kernel of the olive pit which causes a degradation of antioxidants when the pit is crushed. Here this is avoided and the characteristic of pitted olive oil is that it is very delicate in flavor due to fruit ripeness but has high levels of polyphenols. It is a light fruity oil with aromatic herbal notes to its aroma. It is a perfect oil for those palates enjoying delicate oil, without the pungency and bitterness normally found with green fruit oils. This is oil for delicate dishes and where oil should be an unction rather than a flavor.

VALL’AUREA is the oil that made NANNI ARDOINO famous in Italy for his Ligurian oil. It is the original gold foil wrapped bottle which has created many imitators. We have imported this oil since 1980 and it has always been well loved by its considerable fans. This is the normal oil made from ripe Taggiasca olive grown in the valleys to the north of Oneglia on the western or Ponente side of Liguria. This also is a light fruity oil, perfect for dressing fish dishes, making pesto and using on dishes where an intense oil would stand out too much.

ARDOINO DRUPA AUREA $26.99 500ml bottle (#5413) $145.00 case/6 (#5413C)

ARDOINO VALL’AUREA $29.99 500ml bottle (#5414) $161.00 c/6 (#5414C)




Our panettone shipment from Italy was 6 weeks late due to the west coast port crisis. This will effect our ability to process orders to be delivered in time for Christmas. We expect that orders normally processed in 48 hours may take 3-5 days plus 2-4 days transit time west coast, and 6-7 days east coast.

PANETTONE is the holiday bread for Italians. It is celebrated as the Christmas treat and has become necessary for a traditional celebration. Here are our selections for this Holiday Season.

Let’s begin with the new one:

COCCHI PANETTONE AL VERMOUTH di TORINO. This is a special panettone from a unique recipe created by Vermouth Cocchi and Albertengo, a noted Piemontese baker. The panettone is aromatized with the Vermouth di Torino Cocchi, where the candied fruit and raisins are macerated in vermouth and then vermouth is added to the dough. The dough is made from a mother sponge for rising, with butter, pastured eggs, candied fruit, and vermouth. Cocchi panettone is unique.

Why is it different? The addition of vermouth to the dough and the fruit macerated in vermouth give a very special scented and rather exotic character to everything. Vermouth is not considered a dessert wine as such, and for this reason was tried as an ingredient in panettone. The vermouth just makes the panettone slightly less sugary and the herbal/spice character adds a special touch to panettone’s already complex flavor. This should appeal very much to customers not enjoying very sugary desserts with an aromatic and less sugary wine accompaniment.

To go with the Panettone al Vermouth, we offer three Vermouth di Torino from Cocchi: Vermouth di Torino; Dopo Teatro Vermouth Amaro, and the exclusive Cocchi Venaria Reale Riserva, where artemisia and other herbs used for this vermouth come from the gardens of the Royal Hunting Palace (Venaria Reale) outside of Torino.

COCCHI PANETTONE AL VERMOUTH 1 kilo size, wrapped. $33.99 (#5415)

COCCHI VERMOUTH di TORINO 16% $18.99 750 ml (#5416) $205.00 case/12 (#5416C) Made from Piemontese muscat base with local herbs. The first of the renewed style “di Torino” vermouths.

COCCHI DOPO TEATRO VERMOUTH AMARO 16% $21.79 500ml (#5417) $235.00 case/12 (#5417C) The same Cocchi style, slightly more bitter with bittering herbs and less sweet than the original. For after dinner or theater.

COCCHI VENARIA REALE 18% $89.99 500ml (#5418) $485.00 cs/6 (#5418C) Limited production: 1891 bottles. Some ingredients come from the gardens of Venaria Reale, the largest palace complex in Italy. Amber colored without caramel; rich with Piemontese mint, and bottle aged for at least six months. Recommended for aged bourbon or rye, or with a lemon twist and ice as an aperitif or alone as an after dinner drink. Vermouth ages well in bottle. Cellar some of this Venaria Reale Riserva while you can.

Note:The un-linked items in the newsletter are not available for purchase on our website. If you are interested in any of those items, please phone or email us your request.    916-736-3800 or 800-509-Food

PANETTONE LOISON: All are in kilo size unless noted.

LIMONE: with raisins, candied lemon peel and lemon cream, boxed $32.19 (#5419)

AGRUMATO (Five citrus fruits) replaces Chinotto, boxed $33.99 (#5420)

CLASSICO A.D. 1476: with raisins, orange and citron peel, Manara vanilla, boxed $31.29 (#5421)

MARRON GLACÉ: with marron glacé pieces and cream, boxed $34.29 (#5422)

CLASSICO: with raisins, orange and citron peel, wrapped $27.99 (#5423)

MANDORLATO: with almond glaze, wrapped $28.99 (#5424)

REGAL CIOCCOLATO: with chocolate, boxed $31.99 (#5425)

FICO di CALABRIA: with raisins and Calabrian white Dotato fig, boxed $36.29 (#5426)

AMARENA: with large black cherries, boxed $31.99 (#5427)

ALLE ROSE: with Ligurian rose syrup, raisins and rose cream, boxed $35.19 (#5428)

A.D. 1476 LATA: In this year’s decorative tin, 750g $29.99 (#5429)

CREMA: with vanilla cream, wrapped $28.99 (#5430)

MANDARINO di CIACULLI: with raisins and late mandarin from Sicily, boxed $32.99 (#5431)

NOËL: with raisins, candied pear, cinnamon, clove and star anise, boxed $33.49 (#5432)

A.D. 1476: boxed, 500g, with raisins, candied orange and citron peel, Manara vanilla, $24.99 (#5433)

PANETTONCINO: boxed 100g, the smallest made $9.99 (#5434)


3 KILO $79.19 (#5435)

5 KILO $125.69 (#5436)

10 KILO $239.00 (#5437)

VENEZIANA is less buttery and fluffy in texture than panettone, spiced reflecting Venice’s long tradition on the Spice Road. Panettone is Milano, and Veneziana is, well, Venice.

VENEZIANA AMARENE e CANELLA: Cherries and cinnamon, wrapped, 550g $23.99 (#5438)

VENEZIANA CIOCCOLATO e SPEZIE: Chocolate and spices, wrapped, 550g $24.99 (#5439)

VENEZIANA ALBICOCCA e SPEZIE: Candied apricots, ginger, spices, wrapped, 550g $24.99 (#5440)

VENEZIANA ALL’ALPIANE: with Vignalta Alpiane Passito, wrapped, 1 kilo, $29.99 (#5441)

LOISON FILONE: Filone is a sweet bread similar to panettone, but in a loaf shape. Its name FILONE is also used for the “baguette shape” of bread. Filone comes from the traditional “panfrutto” created by Dario Loison’s father. Filone are all 450g in size. Perfect for slicing and toasting in the morning or as a snack in the afternoon.

FILONE FRUTTA: with raisins and orange peel, boxed $16.49 (#5442)

FILONE UVA: only raisins, boxed $16.49 (#5443)

FILONE PERA E SPEZIE: candied pear, raisins, spices, boxed $16.99 (#5444)

FILONE LIMONE: Amalfi lemons, Piemonte hazelnut icing, boxed $16.99 (#5445)

FILONE MANDARINO: Ciaculli mandarin, raisins, Piemonte hazelnut icing, boxed $16.99 (#5446)

BARDI PANETTONE: All are in kilo size.

PANETTONE ALTO: traditional tall shape, boxed $23.99 (#5447)

PANETTONE BASSO: low shape, boxed $26.99 (#5448)

PANETTONE SENZA CANDITI: only with raisins, no candied fruit. Alto shape, wrapped $24.99 (#5449)

PANETTONE WITH CHOCOLATE: basso shape, with chocolate drops and glaze, wrapped $27.99 (#5450)

PANETTONE LIMITED EDITION: basso shape, the third year of production, boxed $39.59 (#5451)

PANDORO: the New Year’s cake, without candied fruit, boxed $25.99 (#5452)


KAMPOT PEPPER: Black, White, Green and Red

KAMPOT PEPPER is produced only in Cambodia. At one time, in the early 20th century in France, it was synonymous with pepper. It is also the first internationally recognized foodstuff from Cambodia with an appellation control. Kampot pepper is available in several different styles depending on the ripeness of the berries picked from the vine producing Piper nigrum. The different styles are due to different handling and different ripening times of the fruit. Kampot pepper is also the only pepper which has many variations from the same fruit. It also makes a lovely gift during the holiday season since it will always get used. It is unique and you should know about it.

LA PLANTATION KAMPOT PEPPER are all packed in 50g plastic bags.

KAMPOT BLACK PEPPER $9.99 each (#5453)

KAMPOT WHITE PEPPER $10.99 each (#5454)

KAMPOT RED PEPPER $9.99 each (#5455)

SALTED GREEN PEPPERCORNS $10.99 each (#5456)

CASTELLO di VERGNANO Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale

ACETO BALSAMICO TRADIZIONALE, the only “true” Balsamic vinegar, is a marvelous item for holiday giving. It is rare and expensive. It is also a gift that makes an impression. When thinking about what to get food loving friends, please consider Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale. Your friends will remember it for a long time!

Here are the ages we have of this grape must only product, produced through concentration and time, sometimes a very long time. CASTELLO DI VERGNANO is a producer, a family operation, which we have imported since 1982. We have two presentations: The one called PASSIONE is the bottling done by the estate. It cannot be called ABT. It has to be called “condimento,” a condiment. The other presentation is that of the Consorzio, the controlling entity which authenticates its bottlings of vinegar presented by a producer. In this instance, both Passione and the Consorzio bottlings are the same quality from this estate. The difference is in the authentication. The age dates refer to an approximate age. What is important is the age of the barrels the vinegar is aged in. All of the production is sold in the same size container, clear glass bottles holding 100 ml or about 3 oz. and boxed.

PASSIONE 8 $35.99 (#5457)

PASSIONE 12 $46.39 (#5458)

PASSIONE 25 $92.89 (#5459)


AS 15(1970) $83.99 (#5460)

AS19 (1855) $139.99 (#5461)

AN12 (1650) $499.99(#5462)

The vinegar called MASTRO ACETAIO –Master vinegar maker-is three year old boiled down must with old wine vinegar added. It is a splendid daily condiment of already blended young ABT and normal vinegar.

MASTRO ACETAIO VINEGAR 250 ml $16.99 (#5463) $91.00 case/6 (#5463C)


Hoping to help you with holiday planning, I would like to introduce to you a new concept–a novel way with fresh almonds that takes about twelve (12) minutes to do. The CHICO NUT COMPANY, in business for 45 years selling internationally both California almonds and walnuts, has just introduced a new concept of in home roasting of almonds to get the freshest and most flavorful nut to your holiday snack table. BLÜM, (pronounced Bloom) is a pack holding more or less six servings of raw almonds, about 168 of them, a packet of almond oil and a packet of seasonings to be added to the plastic container with the nuts, shaken with the oil first, then the seasonings, put in the microwave, heated according to the package, shaken twice and left to rest so that the nuts are not blistering hot. It takes three minutes in the microwave and if you want to do in the oven, then 8 minutes. Use a lined sheet pan and oven temperature of 350 degrees for about eight minutes, shaking often. Let cool. But the concept is geared to a microwave.

Fresh roasting the almonds produces a different, unique flavor. The seasonings are low in sugar and salt and have no preservatives. The almonds varieties Chico Nut uses in the packs are a selection of which they think is the best for that harvest. The most widely planted cultivars in California are: Nonpareil, Carmel, Price, Fritz, Monterey, Padre, Butte, and Mission. For 2021, the owner of Chico Nut selected Nonpareil. The almond oil is produced by a noted nut oil extraction company here in California and produces a clean, non oily coating for the almonds.

There are five different flavors available in the BLÜM packs with their very attractive covers. The price of each is $6.99 per 6 +oz. container. The container is microwavable and recyclable.
The flavors are:






They are wonderful warm, but you might find them even better the next day. Try them and see!



The holidays are times for relaxing and enjoying once a year treats like Plum Pudding, Mincemeat Pie, and the like. Even simple ice cream can be enhanced with a splendid dessert wine that is warming, scented and meant to be drunk in sips rather than gulps. Here are several for this year.


This is a muscat wine made in Australia’s Rutherglen area, north of Melbourne, in Victoria state. Rutherglen Muscat is one of Australia’s greatest wines. It is made from a specific Muscat clone, in a blending system where young wines are blended with old and very old wines. Rutherglen muscats are unique. All Saints is one of a half dozen or so famous estates making what is recognized as superb muscat. This one is on the younger end of the scale, but shows exactly what this wine is like. Its price is really not realistic, but is an attempt to get you to try this wine wonder. If no one drinks them, they will disappear!

RUTHERGLEN MUSCAT 17% $11.99 375ml (#5469)

Note:The un-linked items in the newsletter are not available for purchase on our website. If you are interested in any of those items, please phone or email us your request.    916-736-3800 or 800-509-Food



Harrington is a now closed winery. Before it closed we bought several of its delicious wines. Its Angelica, is made as a classic California Angelica–grape juice just as fermentation begins, fortified with brandy and then left to age. In the classic form it was never drunk as a very old wine, but as a grapey, fruity flavored wine that combines the taste of grape juice and spirit. The Harrington is ruddy in color, with a scented, aromatic aroma and a balanced sweetness. It ages very well and since not many California producers are making Angelica today, it has become a relic of California’s early wine history. It is also a wine for dried fruits and nuts, adding a special fresh character to this combination. If you have not experienced Angelica, here is your chance.

HARRINGTON ANGELICA 2017 17.5% $24.99 375 ml (#5470)

Note:The un-linked items in the newsletter are not available for purchase on our website. If you are interested in any of those items, please phone or email us your request.    916-736-3800 or 800-509-Food



These two California white wines formed a unity of a sherry-styled wine that Charles Myers of Harbor Winery made for his own delectation. They were originally 17 barrels of wine that he never sold. He wanted to drink it. When his winery was closed at his death, Corti Brothers bought the wine and it was bottled. The Solera barrels were labeled such and the Criadera barrels were the ones used to feed the solera barrels. They were essentially two different styles of the same wine. Both dry, without the noticeable effect of “flor” which they initially had, and have the same alcohol of 22.4% which rose through evaporation. They were never fortified, but merely fermented to about 16%, then aged. This evaporation, called “the angels share,” has given the wines its aged sherry- like character. The name--“oloroso” refers to their scented quality--that is the meaning of the Spanish word. They are completely Californian in taste and style. But difficult to name using only English. They are unique.

I should like to point out that they fit a bill where one does not want a sweet wine, but an aged one for use as an aperitif or with soups. This is how the Oloroso Criadera should be used. The Oloroso Solera is a very good example of a dry framed wine, with lots of extract that makes it full bodied and rich, almost sweet.

Both are the same price: $38.99 750ml. Oloroso Criadera (#5471) Oloroso Solera (#5472)

Note:The un-linked items in the newsletter are not available for purchase on our website. If you are interested in any of those items, please phone or email us your request.    916-736-3800 or 800-509-Food


TERMS OF SALE: This list supersedes all others. All taxable items, such as wine, beer, spirits, books will be taxed at the rate of 8.75%. This is for all sales since we sell in California. Foodstuffs are not taxable. Shipping will be charged at prevailing rates. PLEASE NOTE: In extreme weather, either hot or cold, please give us a shipping address where your order may be properly received and stored. Corti Brothers cannot be responsible for items left without protection.
Due to the west coast port crisis, our ability to process orders to be delivered in time for Christmas has been effected. We expect that orders normally processed in 48 hours may take 3-5 days plus 2-4 days transit time west coast, and 6-7 days east coast.


ZERO INFINITO- Pojer & Sandri: A new grape variety, and a unique “natural” sparkling wine.

Much has been written and discussed about “natural wines.” I am not a fan of this style of wine, since most wine is natural, and generally the proponents of these wines are just looking at making themselves special. But my friends at Pojer e Sandri in the Trentino, in Italy’s north central area have gone one further. They not only make a “natural” wine, no yeast or sulfites, no fining or filtration agents, no pesticides in the vineyard and no other vineyards close by theirs and make it a sparkling wine, a “pet-nat,” called ZERO INFINITO. This wine is grown in an part of Italy where their vineyard is the only vineyard in the area–if such a thing could be imagined in Italy. It is in the Alta Val di Cembra. But to do this they had recourse to a completely different grape variety: SOLARIS, which was created in 1975, the year Pojer e Sandri began.

Solaris is a variety that is Vitis vinifera. Created in 1975, it is allowed to be grown in the European Union and protected as a varietal since 2001. It is a variety which was created to be disease resistant to fungal diseases, is also cold hardy, and an early ripener. Its parentage is convoluted.

Created by Norbert Becker who crossed Merzling (Seyve-Villard 5276, an early French-American hybrid) with Riesling x Pinot gris) as the mother vine and another cross (Zarya Severa x Muscat Ottonel) as the father vine. It has enormous leaves, they are as big as a dinner plate and are almost round in shape. Since it doesn’t need fungicides, it is grown completely naturally. The resulting wine is then not treated with sulphur in any way, its yeast is natural, it is bottled with its residual sugar and yeast to make it sparkle and is not disgorged. It is a juicy, fresh wine, lightly aromatic, with a floral and Golden Delicious apple tone with peach and tropical fruit character. The producers recommend serving it as an aperitif or with cold cuts.

To serve the wine clear, you must decant it, otherwise you will have a cloudy wine since all of its spent yeast cells are still with the wine. (It was only in middle of the 1800s that Madame Clicquot perfected how to remove the dead yeast cells in Champagne. Up to that time, all Champagne was cloudy and to serve it clear, the wine had to be decanted.) You can serve Zero Infinito cloudy in the “traditional” style by not decanting it, but then you miss the pretty golden color the wine has. It is the only completely untouched wine Corti Brothers offers and you should try it. Making this kind of wine takes a lot of work and dedication plus a new grape variety which is naturally disease resistant. This is the new world of wine from a new variety without any outside intervention.

POJER e SANDRI ZERO INFINITO 12% $26.99 750ml (#5473) $145.00 case/6 (#5473C)

Note:The un-linked items in the newsletter are not available for purchase on our website. If you are interested in any of those items, please phone or email us your request.    916-736-3800 or 800-509-Food


RAGNO Stockfish, Norwegian, $39.99 lb. (#5474) Random weight. Avg. wt. 2 lbs

Norwegian Superior salted codfish $19.99 (skin and bones) (#5475) Random weight. Avg. wt. 3 lbs

Baccalà, salted codfish, Canadian $17.99 (skinless, boneless) (#5476) Random weight. Avg. wt. 1.5 lbs

Note:The un-linked items in the newsletter are not available for purchase on our website. If you are interested in any of those items, please phone or email us your request.    916-736-3800 or 800-509-Food

Gonsalves Brand, Canadian salted codfish  $16.99 (skinless, boneless) 1 lb bags (#5477) 

LEVONI Cotechino, 500g box $14.99 (#5478)

BARTOLINI Umbrian Lentils $4.99 (#5479)

BALL CLUB Chippewa Wild Rice Hand harvest 12 oz bag $17.99 (#5480)

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