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Cocchi Panettone Vermouth di Torino

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Our panettone shipment from Italy was 6 weeks late due to the west coast port crisis. This will effect our ability to process orders to be delivered in time for Christmas. We expect that orders normally processed in 48 hours may take 3-5 days plus 2-4 days transit time west coast, and 6-7 days east coast.

This is a special panettone from a unique recipe created by Vermouth Cocchi and Albertengo, a noted Piemontese baker. This is the first time a panettone made with Vermouth is offered in the U.S., and available at Corti Brothers. The panettone is aromatized with the Vermouth di Torino Cocchi, where the candied fruit and raisins are macerated in vermouth and then vermouth is added to the dough. The dough is made from a mother sponge for rising, with butter, pastured eggs, candied fruit, and vermouth.

Why is it different? The addition of vermouth to the dough and the fruit macerated in vermouth give a very special scented and rather exotic character to everything. The frosting is made from Piemontese hazelnuts, Italian almonds and sugar granules. Vermouth is not considered a dessert wine as such, and for this reason was tried as an ingredient in panettone. It is a lovely addition for panettone since you can enjoy a room temperature glass with your slice of panettone. The vermouth just makes the panettone slightly less sugary and the herbal/spice character adds a special touch to panettone’s already complex flavor. This should appeal very much to customers not enjoying very sugary desserts with an aromatic and less sugary wine accompaniment. COCCHI panettone is unique. This is the first time it is sold in this country

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