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Levoni Cotechino Di Modena 500g

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500g Box

COTECHINO is a special pork sausage which is one of the glories of the cuisine of the Emilia Romagna, especially Modena. It is made from leanish pork and cooked pork skins (cotene), generally from the pig’s underbelly where it is very tender. Since October 2001, this pork product from Italy has been allowed in the U.S. The LEVONI company of Mantova, produces our cotechino which comes precooked, requiring only to be reheated in its pouch, for forty minutes in simmering water, producing a delicious dish you merely slice and serve. The directions are on the box.

LEVONI COTECHINO is an I.G.P. product, that is, as Cotechino di Modena, it has a protected geographical indication of origin. It must have a certain flavor and texture to the exclusion of all others and come from a specified area. Cotechino, also written “cotichin, coteghino, codeghino or cotechino” was first described in Apicio Moderno, the 1790 cookbook of Francesco Leonardi, the chef to Catherine II of Russia. The Levoni cotechino is shelf stable, needing no refrigeration, one sausage per box. Just heat in its unpunctured pouch. LEVONI COTECHINO DI MODENA is one of the great pleasures of winter. Any leftover, chilled and sliced, makes a delicious cold cut

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