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PHOENIX OOLONG is a tea I selected from the stocks of a grower/producer from very tall, older trees that has the inimitable scent and flavor of this particular type of oolong. The plants are grown very high up, about 1300 meters in Guandong province in southern China. We (I was with Wing-chi Ip, of Lock Cha Tea shop in Hong Kong and Rick Mindermann), visited gardens on Phoenix Mountains for two days, saw the production of the spring harvest of two different Dan Cong teas, and selected this one--Ba Xian (Eight Immortals) to bring back to Sacramento. The 2019 harvest tea will be available next year. This Ba Xian is from 2018. The name Dan Cong means “individual bushes” since the plants are not in a garden-like plantation, but are individual trees with some age to them, unusual in tea production.

The Phoenix oolong type is very fragrant and very flavorful, The scent and flavor components are similar: very fruity with a distinctive mango, lychee, peach/muscat character. It should be brewed with just under boiling water and for a very short period in order to preserve the fragrance and flavor. The liquor color should be a medium yellow color, with brewing time just “in and out,” no long steeping. Steeping should be about 10 seconds and go up for subsequent steepings. You should be able to get at least 10 steepings from this tea.

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