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Kajkab: Single Origin 73% Dominican Chocolate

KAJKAB: SINGLE ORIGIN CHOCOLATES MADE ONLY WITH CACAO BEANS AND SUGAR.  Öko-Caribe 2017 Dominican Republic: mango and honey, earthy 

So how do you pronounce KAJKAB? (Kahzhkab) In Mayan, it is the word for CACAO. Single Origin means that the cacao beans come from an individual site, with a unique character. Much like making wine, the beans are grown in a special place and then fermented, roasted, milled, and the “massecuit” conched with unrefined organic sugar and nothing else. Conching is the continual mixing of the milled cacao with sugar until it becomes CHOCOLATE. There is nothing added to mask flavor or to smooth out the chocolate. With just two ingredients that means they both must be of very high quality in order to stand up to production. No mistakes are permitted.

Kajkab Single Origin Chocolates are from Peru, Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Ecuador, Tanzania and Vietnam. Production is done under the watchful eyes of the “Maestro Chocolatero” Diego Ceballos in Tecate, Baja California. The cacoa level is 73%. They come in 1 ½ inch round “pistoles,” 15 pistoles to a round, lined tube. These are just the thing for that chocolate lover in your life.

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Mon-Sat: 9 AM - 7 PM
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Labor Day
September 7th, 2020

5810 Folsom Blvd
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