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Firelli Italian Hot Sauce 5 oz

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Here is one of our newest in-store-customer favorites: FIRELLI hot sauce from Parma, Italy. Recently launched in the U.S., its founder, Elwyn Gladstone, and his team set out to create an Italian hot sauce apart from typical hot sauces on the market. They focused on the appetite for pizza in the U.S. to formulate their recipe. Tabasco® Hot Sauce from Louisiana is almost as common as Ketchup in America, but Italian cuisine doesn’t have such a hot sauce. That might change. The goal was to create more of a flavorful, slightly sweet, mildly spicy, condiment rather than a full on, fire-y hot sauce, used to embellish food and made in Parma, the heart of food in Italy. We think that they have succeeded!

Made from all natural ingredients, Firelli Hot Sauce is composed of a base sauce made from roasted red peppers rather than tomatoes. The addition of Calabrian peppers, Aceto Balsamico Di Modena IGP, porcini mushrooms, lemon juice and spices yield a hot sauce that offers a truly flavorful “zing” to your dishes.

It is a perfect addition on pizza and pasta. This sauce goes so much further. Try it on eggs, hash browns, deli sandwiches, and even in salad dressing. Our visiting customers seem to be hooked. We think you could be too.

5 oz Bottle or Case of 6

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