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Jamaica is the source for these two sauces. Pickapeppa Sauce is a darkish colored, thick sauce that should be a staple in your pantry. Produced since 1921, it is a lovely amalgam of spices and tropical fruit, aged in oak barrels.

Pickapeppa Hot Pepper Sauce, has just returned to the market after an absence of three years due to production problems. It is produced from red peppers, sugar, cane vinegar, sea salt, annatto, and pimento (allspice).

Thickish, it is a hot sauce that builds up in flavor and then lingers with a pleasant fruity character. For summer dishes and cooking, this is a wonderful ingredient to have handy. Both of the Pickapeppa sauces are perfect for spicing summer dishes. Originally, the Hot Sauce came in a smaller bottle, but now both products are in the same bottle size, 5 fl.oz, with the parrot on the label. They have that bright flavor to pick up jaded appetites.

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