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Farmer Ted Hot Sauce 5 oz

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FARMER TED HOT SAUCE: A homegrown sauce you should try

This hot sauce is the favorite of some well- thought-of Sacramento restaurants. It is produced by Ted Ennis, who works weekends at Corti Brothers wine department. Ted made the sauce and gave it away to friends when he was not making or selling wine. Now that he has gone semi-professional with its production, he has changed the name. Modesty forbids using its previous name!

This hot sauce is made from a Habanero chile base and is hot. Just a little does the trick in using it. I must admit that I like it quite a lot, since at home, a dab gets added to the salad vinaigrette. It really does jolt up a simple salad, enlivening it quite a bit. With the plethora of hot sauces on the market these days, one would think that “hot” is the only flavor. But then there is hot and hot that is not just heat, but also a tingle on the palate. A bit of Farmer Ted in a cold stuffed egg, enlivens the egg creaminess. Since it is to be used as an ingredient, it can make simple flavored dishes sing or spark the conversation between plain-ish flavors in composed dishes. However, Use With Care!

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