Corti Brothers

Vignalta Herbed Salt

300g Jar (10.58oz)

Vignalta Sale Alle Erbe is a staple in my kitchen. It is what every piece of meat is treated to before cooking. The combination of Sicilian sea salt and fresh wild herbs (rosemary and thyme predominantly) growing in front of the Vignalta winery in Italy’s Colli Euganei, together with a little fresh garlic and ground pepper are the “erbe”(herbs to us) in the blend. Since the herbs are added fresh to the salt, their aromatic oils, just like the touch of fresh garlic, are preserved in the salt. Other “herbed” salts use dried herbs, thus having much less flavor.

You should try Vignalta Sale alle Erbe. You’ll wonder how you ever got along before without it. It may also become a staple in your kitchen.

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