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THE GRAND BOOK OF VERMOUTH DI TORINO is exactly that. It is a very good English translation of the Italian original which sets out everything that there is to know about Vermouth, especially the one made in Piemonte called “di Torino.” Published in 2019, it is the last word on vermouth, now very much on drinkers’ minds and palates.

Rich with full color labels of historical products and copies of historical recipes, The Grand Book of Vermouth di Torino could be the last word on the subject for our times. Everything is described. There are 27 pages just on the various herbs and spices commonly added to vermouth along with their color photos. The wormwood, which is the basis for vermouth, is explained in two chapters on its growing, use, and chemical composition since wormwood (Artemisia species) gave its name, “wermut,” to Vermouth.

Vermouth and its entry into the cocktail world is well described. As are the “polibibite” of the Futurists. Everything notable and some things not so notable about Vermouth are described in this one of a kind work. The collection of graphic art from generations of Italian artists used as publicity material for Vermouth is worth the price of this work alone. It is a fundamental work on a delicious product, now returning to the fore. This is a unique book.

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