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Passione Organic Pizza Crust Mix

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1 kilo Bag

Every so often, a product called a mix shows up that is really good. I am generally wary of mixes because they tend to be a real imitation of what they purport to be. Now I can tell you I have found a mix that really works and is very good, not to say terrific. It is PASSIONE PIZZA MIX, a kilo bag of organic wheat flour, sea salt and yeast, that needs only water to be added and then some hours of rising time to produce a lovely dough for making pizza, focaccia, and other flat bread items.

Passione Pizza mix is the creation of FABRIZIO CERCATORE, a young Italian pizzaiolo who came to Sacramento to open a pizza restaurant called HOT ITALIAN. Now there are two of them–the other is in Emeryville, California. Following the restaurants, Fabrizio had the idea of producing this pizza dough mix and then to offer classes in making pizza and to have a pizza oven that can be hired out for serving pizza at venues. But the pizza dough mix is all the same. The product: PASSIONE PIZZA.

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A blend of US grown, organic wheat flour that needs only water to produce a dough which can be used or frozen for later use. The directions are on the mix bag for making the dough with a mixer or by hand. You should really try this mix to make your own pizza or focaccia. Who knows, you might have a pizzaiolo hidden in you!

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