Corti Brothers

Corti Brothers Tuerca de Maiz - Toasted Corn

16oz Bag

Tuerca de Maiz is our packaging of toasted corn kernels which are very well liked by our customers. Salted and crunchy, they really are addictive. Put a bowl out and just see how fast you must replenish it.

Parched and toasted corn has antecedents in our culinary history. This was the way of being able to use corn while on a march or when cooking was not possible. It has a very satisfying flavor. Our Tuerca is tender, crispy, and easy on teeth. But if you have delicate teeth, I do not recommend your enjoying our Tuerca. The fame of Corti Brothers Tuerca has also reached Washington D.C. where we sell a nice quantity of it.

I cannot imagine a simpler treat for an aperitif, with a chilled fino sherry or a gin and tonic.

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