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Five years ago, the 24 year anchor/reporter for Channel 31 in Sacramento, TINA MACUHA, was “bitten” by the honey bee “bug” and has not looked back. After doing a story about honey bees, she got her first hive–now has five–and sells some of her wildflower honey directly to Corti Brothers. Her 12 oz jars of dark colored honey are the result of this interest, now passion.

Honey bees are very important to agriculture, and the area surrounding Sacramento is, if nothing else, important agricultural land. When Tina says her honey is wildflower, it really is. Some of her hives are now out on the rural side of the Sacramento River, and the flowers are, well, wild. Forty six percent, almost half, of the global bee population has vanished in the last ten years due to varroa mites, colony collapse, and pesticides. This is something we should all be thinking about: no bees, a lot of food wont be produced. This is not scare tactics, it is extreme reality. Anything that can be done to help honey bees helps us.

THREE BEES WILDFLOWER HONEY is unpasteurized, just natural honey from Sacramento. Its deep color reflects the myriad flowers used by the bees. Deep flavored and very long on the palate, this is honey that sticks with you. It is not a thin, watery honey, but a decisive, full bodied and flavored one that merits your attention. In particular, not a lot is produced, it is from Sacramento, and it sells out very quickly

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5810 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95819 916-736-3800

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