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Psyllakis Biojoy Extra Virgin Oil from Crete 500ml

Corti Brothers has had this oil several times in the past; it is a wonderful example of Koroneiki oil from the island of Crete in the Greek Archipelago. Emmanuele Psyllakis, who now runs the family estate outside of Chania, has taken over from his father, one of the pillars of quality Greek Oil. Its appellation is KOLYMVARI.

The Psyllakis oil is pungent and aromatic like all very good Koroneiki oil with the pleasant bitterness that marks this cultivar and its aromatic, leafy character. It is also grown in California and it is just these characteristics which make the cultivar so useful here where it “spices up” the more bland oil from intensely planted Arbequina. If you want to see what really fine Greek extra virgin oil is like, here is your opportunity.

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