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Corti Brothers Capital Vintage Marmalade

10 OZ

Captial Vintage Marmalade, vintage 2015, is made by Corti Brothers in its kitchen from Sacramento grown Seville oranges, using the recipe in Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management, 1866.  We have made this marmalade since the early 1980s.  Its name comes the fact that the original oranges came from the Capitol grounds.  "Capital" in British English means "fine" or "extra good."  Thus, the word play.  Made only with Seville oranges, sugar, and water, it is then aged in jar, to round out its flavor.  This 2012 harvest seems to have produced a more harmonious marmalade, without the usual intense savory bitterness of Seville oranges.

Dark in color, with a thin-ish ribbon cut to the orange peel, Corti Brothers Capital Vintage Marmalade is lovely and appealing.  It is certainly the wake up flavor you want on your morning toast.  A customer once wrote us saying he didn't know how he would get through breakfast without it.

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NOVEMBER 22, 2018
"Happy Holiday"

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