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TEAS FOR COLD WEATHER: Indian teas from Young Mountain Tea.

Indian Teas have long been a staple for cold weather drinking. Also they are lovely made as Iced Tea for the warm summer. YOUNG MOUNTAIN TEA has been in the forefront of importing exciting, new teas from the subcontinent. Corti Brothers now has several which I have been enjoying and would like to present to you.

From a new production, entirely woman-run, from the hills in South India, the NILGIRIS, we have the NILGIRI BLACK PEARL, which makes a lovely cup of copper colored liquor, with a delicate flavor and dried fruit, sweet scent, that is lovely without any milk. It has a bracing character without excessive tannin and can be steeped very well four times. It is a lovely style and the all woman staff of the TEA STUDIO, makes it with great sensitivity. It is a very impressive tea. NILGIRI BLACK PEARL 3oz tube

Back in our stock is KUMAON BLACK, from a producer in one of the first areas of India to be planted to tea. It was forgotten until revived by Young Mountain. Kumaon is a perfect area for growing tea, but was very difficult to export from since there were few and difficult roads leading out of the area. The cultivar in the area is probably the oldest in India. It is also a revelatory style with great balance of flavor and scent. KUMAON 3.7 oz

NEPALI GOLDEN BLACK does not come from India but from the adjoining country of Nepal. Here the teas correspond to the “Darjeeling” character, but with more tips in the leaves when harvested. It is again, a light copper colored liquor when brewed, with a distinctive fruity scent and elegant flavor, not too heavy nor tannic.

DARJEELING RUBY OOLONG is a specific type of Darjeeling from the north of India and one of the two classic production areas. It takes its name from the slightly reddish cast of the liquor. The style is not the usual, but made in the Chinese fashion with curled leaf shape to the tea. The “oolong” shape is not traditional to the area, giving this tea a different cast both in leaf shape and flavor extraction. I have been enjoying all of these teas without any addition, either of milk or sugar, and have found them delicious as a morning cup with short steepings.

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