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Several years ago, Corti Brothers offered some very special Turkish, white Smyrna figs that had been trimmed of their stem end and then the”eye” or bottom end and rolled into a cylinder, wrapped in cellophane and then in foil. They were luxurious and, for fig lovers, almost spellbinding. We have now found a producer that has shipped another order to Corti Brothers for this holiday season. If you like figs--if you adore figs--these are for you. There is no other elegant production of figs to be enjoyed by simply unwrapping them and putting them in your mouth. All the work is done by hand and is really elegant. Even if you thought you didn’t like figs, this preparation may change your mind. It is literally enjoying a dried fruit that has been carved into perfection.

The Incir Evi figs are handcrafted, dried fruits which are truly exceptional. Golden skinned when dried, the Smyrna fig has a pretty ruby color on the inside, with tiny, yellowish seeds. This is the variety’s natural color. All natural with a balanced sweet/not sweet flavor, it is a dried fruit which is satisfyingly sweet tasting yet not sugary. Tasting these figs, you can see why figs were and are considered such a great delicacy. These are Smyrna figs literally from Izmir, formerly Smyrna.

WHITE TURKISH DRIED FIGS 10 wrapped figs in a 250g box $14.99

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