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White Kampot Pepper 4 oz

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What is the only monetary term that comes from a spice? Peppercorn rent. Even in the 21st century this term is still used for a rent that belies its cost. But at one time, peppercorn rent was expensive. And so it happened: from a very small berry, came great fortunes.

Piper nigrum, the vine which produces what we know as black pepper, also produces the rare red pepper, green peppercorns, and white pepper. They all come from the same source, a vine producing a grape cluster looking set of berries, which when treated differently produce different flavors. White pepper is made by removing the outer hull of the ripe pepper by soaking in water. It is black pepper without its hull.

Cambodia is the source of KAMPOT PEPPER. This pepper known to the Chinese since the 13h century, was the source of most French pepper since France colonized Cambodia in 1863. In 1953, the country declares its independence from France, and in the 1970s it became the scene of devastation due to political events aligned with the Vietnam war. Cambodia sits between southern Vietnam on the east and Thailand and Laos to the northwest. KAMPOT is a province in the southern part of the country, just south of the capital Phnom Penh. Kampot pepper is so well thought of that it is the first Cambodian product to be given a Protected Geographical Indication in 2009 by the national government and the European Union. This means that Kampot pepper must be grown within its designated area in Kampot and Kep province, following traditional methods.

For pepper lovers, and there are a lot of you, KAMPOT pepper is a must try. Generations of French chefs could not be wrong.

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