Corti Brothers

Vincente Delicacies Prickly Pear Preserve

Confettura extra Sicilian fico d'India (prickly pear) preserve.

VINCENTE is an Italian word meaning “winning.” In this case, VINCENTE DELICACIES, means a small, Sicilian based company started in 2006 by a couple of thirty-something Sicilians, based in Bronte, the center of the island’s famous Green Pistachio production. Their idea: To create from both the noted Bronte Pistachio and Almonds from Avola, sweets that are the mirror of Sicilian pastry making and that reflect authentic Sicilian tradition. These are some of the most characteristic sweets of Sicily, both lovely to look at and delicious to eat. They are presented in simply elegant, lovely packaging.



Store Hours:

Sunday: 10 AM - 6 PM
Mon-Sat: 9 AM - 7 PM

5810 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95819 916-736-3800


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