Corti Brothers

Terre e Tradizioni Tagliolini

Sold out.

500g Bag - Cooks in 5-6 minutes.

In our Spring 2014 newsletter, we offered TERRE e TRADIZIONI pasta made from ancient landrace wheat grown in Sicily. This pasta sold out very quickly, and now we have it back in stock. TIMILÌA, or Tumminia, is a Sicilian landrace durum wheat developed over centuries on the island. With the genetic changes in wheat over the last 50-60 years, the autochthonous varieties from what was called the “breadbasket of the Roman Empire” have been relegated to minor importance if not outlawed. A third generation agriculturalist, Giuseppe Li Rosi grows this ancient variety and others. With only the semolina of these wheats and water, he produces delicious organic pasta.

Store Hours:

Sunday: 10 AM - 6 PM
Mon-Sat: 9 AM - 7 PM

5810 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95819 916-736-3800


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