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Terre e Tradizioni Penne

Sold out.

500g Bag - Cooks in 5-6 minutes.

In our Spring 2014 newsletter, we offered TERRE e TRADIZIONI pasta made from ancient landrace wheat grown in Sicily. This pasta sold out very quickly, and now we have it back in stock. TIMILÌA, or Tumminia, is a Sicilian landrace durum wheat developed over centuries on the island. With the genetic changes in wheat over the last 50-60 years, the autochthonous varieties from what was called the “breadbasket of the Roman Empire” have been relegated to minor importance if not outlawed. A third generation agriculturalist, Giuseppe Li Rosi grows this ancient variety and others. With only the semolina of these wheats and water, he produces delicious organic pasta.

Another landrace variety is STRAZZAVISAZZ, the oldest known wheat variety in Sicily. There is only one cut from this variety, spaghetti alla chitarra, a square cut, long pasta. Imagine a square spaghetti.

What is different with these ancient varieties is that they have a lower gluten index than that of new wheat varieties cultivated for quantity of production and ease of conversion. Producing 50% less than modern wheat varieties, with a gluten index of 4.70 compared to the 14 or more of modern wheat, Timilìa and Strazzavisazz are far easier to digest and assimilate. I have often wondered how western man could have developed and lived for so long eating wheat and other grains with gluten given the rather elevated numbers of gluten intolerant consumers today. Perhaps the answer is in this ancient wheat with more digestible gluten. It is certain that man didn't develop overnight, but food reactions might.

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