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SAUMAL Freeze Dried Mare’s Milk 200g

Kazakhstan is a country in the heart of Eurasia. This freeze dried milk is from a German-Kazakh project which started in 2015. This milk is produced using very specific German technology to produce a freeze dried product from lactating mares, which are not often considered in the American scheme of things. This type of milk has an envious history in human nourishment.

SAUMAL is produced from a Kazakh horse breed, the JABE, historically used for work, meat and milk. The milking is done relatively quickly since the mares must be with their foals to be comfortable, which affects the amount of milk produced. Processing takes 24 hours for the fresh milk to be frozen and then dried. It takes 200 liters of fresh milk to produce 19 kilos of the dry product. Saumal is the world’s largest producer of freeze dried mare’s milk.

The company has 25,000 hectares of pasture in the Kazakh steppe with more than 1,500 mares. Mare’s milk has been written about by early medical writers like Hippocrates and Avicenna. With German milk technology, the organoleptic and biological properties of the freeze dried milk remain the same as in fresh milk.

So what does this milk taste like? It dissolves very easily in tepid water, just about body temperature, and does not like being made very much ahead of consumption. Two hundred ml of water is enough to dissolve three tablespoons of the dried milk. I would recommend making the amount of milk necessary and then cooling it, if necessary, and drinking it or using it. It does not stand up to being kept more than 12 hours after dissolving. The taste: mare's milk is opaque white, and has a slightly fresh grass scent of good milk. The milk body is pleasant and not at all sticky or thick. The flavor is fragrant, soft, and very pleasing. Much more so than the sometimes “chalky” taste of cow’s milk.

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