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RUE & FORSMAN White Jasmine Rice 2 lb

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Since 1946, this family farm in Olivehurst, north of Sacramento has produced rice. Just recently, they have begun to grow in California two rice cultivars that were once considered not possible due to California’s dry climate. But Rue and Forsman has made it possible.

Their sustainably grown white Jasmine rice is a cultivar that is a cross of Thai Ho Mali and California long grain. The rice is aromatic, just slightly sticky with a lovely fragrance and an attractive, shiny aspect when cooked.

The sustainably grown white Basmati rice is another fragrant variety, with a distinctive slender grain, that elongates from the uncooked grain when cooked. Again, very aromatic, with its slight “woodsy” scent, this is a drier appearing rice with a wonderful scent and texture, different from the Jasmine. Both come in resealable two pound bags.

I would not recommend cooking less than one cup of rice. Both of these rices re-heat wonderfully. Trying to cook less than a cup of rice is really not practical and normally produces less than stellar results. I would recommend soaking the rice for about a half an hour after rinsing well. You should use about one finger joint of water above the rice level and a bit of salt. Bring the rice to a boil and reduce heat when little craters form on the rice surface. At this time turn the heat to very low or put on a heat dissipater, place a piece of cloth or a cloth napkin on the pot lid and cover the rice with the covered lid. Let finish cooking on low heat or no heat for about 15-20 minutes. Fluff with a fork and serve. Failing all of this, follow the directions of your rice cooker!

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