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Reine de Dijon Moutarde de Bourgogne

BURGUNDY MUSTARD: Reine de Dijon Moutarde de Bourgogne I.G.P.

Several years ago we offered French mustards from the REINE DE DIJON company. The best selling style was the MOUTARDE DE BOURGOGNE. This real Burgundy mustard is made with mustard seeds grown in Burgundy, France and Burgundian Aligoté white wine. (Aligoté is the other white grape of Burgundy and is a sister/brother to Chardonnay.) This mustard has a direct mustard sharpness when first tasted that later fades to a mellow heat, then rich savoriness. This Moutarde de Bourgogne is appetizingly savory and not sweet. This is what Dijon mustard used to taste like.

It is rare to find I.G.P. Moutarde de Bourgogne for sale. The Protected Geographical Indication means that the two major elements of the mustard--mustard seed and wine--must come from Burgundy. Most other mustards from France are produced with international mustard seeds and nameless white wine. Unless, there is a tradition behind the mustard’s origin, it rarely will have an IGP.

Here is your chance to taste a splendid mustard style that really does make the difference on a sandwich like Croque Monsieur, or as the bit of mustard you add to your vinaigrette to make it a delicious salad dressing. Once tried, it is difficult to use any other mustard.

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