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Pojer and Sandri Raspberry Vinegar 100 ml

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POJER & SANDRI VINEGARS are not your usual vinegars. They are very special, all made from wine, but not all made from grape wine. Red and white wine vinegar is produced, but remarkable vinegars are produced from fruit wines such as quince, raspberry, elderberry, blackberry, cherry. These wines are produced by crushing the fruit and fermenting it to produce a wine which is then acetified. Thus when they produce fruit vinegar it is made from fruit wine, acetified, not grape wine vinegar to which fruit juice has been added.

Since the fruit vinegars are expensive to produce and you really don't need a lot to appreciate them, it was decided to package them in spray bottles. This allows you to spray the vinegar on whatever you would like, enhancing the dish with the particular fruit flavor and acetic accent.Not only will you find these vinegars exquisite, but also conversation pieces in themselves.

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