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I tasted and found absolutely delicious, some teas from a small tea importer, YOUNG MOUNTAIN TEA CO. in Oregon, which imports teas from the relatively unknown tea producing country of Nepal and also tea from an early planting in India.

INDIA - ORGANIC KUMAON BLACK, Champawat garden: This is a tea which has been forgotten for over one hundred years. In 1836, Kumaon was one of the first places in India where the British planted Chinese tea seeds when they initially got them into India. It is an area to the north of Delhi which the British assumed had the correct “terroir” to grow the plants to make tea. What they didn’t consider was the fact that it was difficult to move the tea from Kumaon to market. As in most things, it really is: location, location, location. Hence, it got lost.

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Nov. 23, 2017

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