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I tasted and found absolutely delicious, some teas from a small tea importer, YOUNG MOUNTAIN TEA CO. in Oregon, which imports teas from the relatively unknown tea producing country of Nepal and also tea from an early planting in India.

INDIA - Victoria’s Peak. Very tiny “snail” shaped leaves, reminiscent of the Chinese Bilochun. Very pretty to look at, lots of golden tips. With the recommended four minute steeping, the liquor is truly “ruby” tinged. It is coppery colored with a red center. Very pretty to look at, it is even prettier to taste. It has a nice balance of astringency and flavor. It is delicious drunk as is. With a bit of milk, a “milk” chocolate flavor comes out. Looking at the spent leaves you can see that the picking really is of a tip and one leaf. Difficult work done for our pleasure.

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