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Eklekto Organic Corinth Currants

200 gr Box or 500 gr Bag

These are the raisins called currants and have nothing to do with the bush fruit called currants or, in French, "groseille," which come in three colors, white red, and the black, from which "cassis" is produced.  There a re plenty of people who confuse the two, berries and raisins, most of whom should know better.  The name is derived from the place called Corinth in Greece.  Hence, Corinth > currant.  the varietal name is "Black Corinth" or when sold fresh, "Champagne" grapes, just to confuse things further.  They have nothing to do with Champagne.

Currants were a very important crop on the west, or Ionian, coast of of Greece, at the top of the Peloponnesus.  In California we produce Zante Currants, but now you can try the original, highest quality currants from  Greece.

The Black Corinth cluster is very pretty.  It is dark, very long, a berry the size of a pencil eraser, with a long wing, which allows the cluster to be suspended between the cluster and wing for drying.  Thses currants are slowly shade dried in tents.  Five tons of fresh fruit are required to make one ton of raisins. 

Corinth Currants might just change you mind about raisins and their flavor.  They are very different from what you normally find on the market.  Baking with these currants might get you baking again.

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