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Minerva Bacalhau in Extra Virgin Oil

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SALT COD READY TO ENJOY.  The preparation of salt cod is not difficult, but it does take some forethought. You have to soak it to remove the salt which is the preserving factor. We have two new products from MINERVA CONSERVAS in Portugal, where salt cod (bacalhau) is the country’s most famous dish. We have two preparations in 120 gram tins ready to enjoy. They are both very, very good.

We have Bacalhau in extra virgin oil and Bacalhau with cooked chickpeas in extra virgin oil. There is no soaking and then cooking. All you do is open the tin, drain off most of the oil and, with the plain codfish, add it to hot, just cooked new potatoes or Yukon Gold slices; some chopped parsley and a bit of garlic, new oil, salt and pepper to taste and you have a ready made salad. The codfish with chickpeas can be enjoyed as is also, just drained, but would be wonderful just drained, then gently heated with a little bit of tomato sauce, and you have a ready made Tuscan dish of “baccalà and ceci.”

The traditional dishes made with bacalao, baccalà, or bacalhau cannot be made any easier for you. All you have to do is open a tin. Sometimes, salt cod is overlooked since the soaking period before cooking has to be taken into consideration. Now, anytime you want to enjoy the traditional flavor of this very old fish preparation, all you must do is have some Minerva tins in the pantry. Making brandade de morue becomes simple. Traditional New England creamed codfish a snap. The fish is ready at your whim. Once you have tasted this ready to use salt cod, the next step is to plan ahead and use the salted version that you must soak. Once you’ve decided you enjoy salt codfish, all the rest is easy.


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