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MARIO FONGO GRISSINI from Rocchetta Tanaro in Italy’s Piemonte

Yes, I know, I wrote about grissini in the Spring newsletter. These are different from the Spring ones. They are from the town where Giacomo Bologna created his Barbera, Rocchetta Tanaro. Mario Fongo uses the name of “Il Panatè” which in Piemontese dialect means “the baker.” The firm started in 1945.

The grissini which we offer are of two types: one for eating with fatty cold meats, since they are made with less oil (1%) and accompany richly flavored meats like salame, coppa, prosciutto. These are the FONGO Grissini stirati a mano H2O. They are equally good by themselves, but serve this purpose as an accompaniment to other things. Having less oil than the other style and due to the dough’s lengthy rising, they have a delicate, crunchy body. Both styles of grissini are 13-13 ½ inches long, the length of the baker’s forearm, which is the measure of stretching them. Both are made with “00" Italian flour and extra virgin olive oil.

The other grissini are the FONGO Grissini Classici stirati a mano with extra virgin olive oil (5%) and the addition of some fresh lard to give them a slightly lighter body and more friability. These can be eaten alone, just as a snack. But they do contain some lard, which is traditional. It renders them more crispy and lighter in texture.

The terms “Stirati a mano” simply means that they have been hand pulled or hand worked to give the grissini their characteristic long, pointed shape. Both styles of grissini come in a clear plastic tray that is about 15 inches long. Both are dusted with fine semolina and gives a slightly dusty character to each piece and prevents them from sticking together when baking.

Due to their length, shipping is a question. Please recognize that there may be breakage in shipping. We will try our utmost to avoid breakage, but please remember that some may occur, It only means that the pieces may be a bit smaller, but equally tasty.

Both are delicious. It is up to you to chose which you prefer. But, I bet you cannot eat just one!

MARIO FONGO GRISSINI CLASSICI (5% oil and some lard) 7oz. tray

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