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Kikkoman Hon-Jyozo Shoyu Soy Sauce 250 ml

KIKKOMAN HONJOZO shoyu is a LIMITED production of Kikkoman created to replicate a soy sauce that was favored in Tokyo during the Taisho era (1912-1926), the reign of the present Emperor’s grandfather. There was always a difference in the shoyu made for the market of Tokyo (Kanto), and that of Kyoto (Kansai) due to the cuisine style popular in each place.  Kansai is lighter both in flavor and color as shown by the Marumata shoyu we featured last winter and the heavier, thicker tasting, darker one from Kanto. 

Using only Japanese soybeans, wheat, salt, and the oldest known koji, the aspergillus mold used to change the starch in grains to sugar, and aging a year, autumn to autumn, the resulting HONJOZO soy sauce is pressed, pasteurized and bottled in the traditional light blue bottles reminiscent of the Taisho period.  Here is another specialty from the world’s largest soy sauce producer delving into its own history.

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