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Goyogura Shoyu "Emperor's Soy Sauce"

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GOYOGURA SHOYU for the Emperor’s table

When certain items are produced by specific firms in England which have been accorded the Royal Warrant as purveyors to the Royal Household, these products are considered the best of their kind. The same quality notion is used in Japan, but in the best, down-played Japanese fashion, one rarely, if ever, sees an Imperial Household Warranted product for sale. Corti Brothers is again offering one

In 1995, Corti Brothers offered GOYOGURA SHOYU, the Emperor’s Soy Sauce. We are again offering it to our customers for their delectation. Its very name shows what it is: GOYO means supplier to the Imperial Household, and GURA is the dissonant sound of the word KURA, meaning a brewing establishment, or storehouse. Thus, just by its name, GOYOGURA is a very special soy sauce.

Fermented in its own special brewery--lacquered bright red on the inside--the ingredients, soybeans, wheat, and salt, are only of Japanese origin. It takes one year to brew; only ten vats are produced. This production began in 1939, so it is not an “ancient” production, such as our Marumata tamari shoyu, but is limited and not often found. Once again, you can get it from Corti Brothers. Store at room temperature. Refrigerate once opened.

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