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Goan Cuisine Vindalho Curry Paste

379g Jar

GOA, located on the west coast of India, was the first European outpost in India and belonged to Portugal from 1510 to 1961. A very special cuisine developed there, based both on native tastes and those of Renaissance Portugal. Thus was created the world’s first Fusion Cooking. It was from Goa that the chile pepper, among other things from the New World, was introduced to the Indian sub-continent.

However, GOAN CUISINE is not just the cooking of Goa, India, but a wonderful line of condiments made by a Goan family living in Perth, Western Australia. Corti Brothers first offered Goan Cuisine products more than ten years ago. They had good acceptance, but now with the growing interest in India’s cuisines, we have brought them back. All the Goan Cuisine products are made with Australian produce in the Goan tradition using century old family recipes. They are very traditional in flavor and style, hand crafted with exacting care, then left to mature for maximum flavor before selling.

For those customers familiar with Indian cooking, the Goan Cuisine products fall into two classes: the condiment line, and the cooking line. Condiments are eaten with prepared dishes. The pastes, Tandoori for oven cooking and the Vindalho for a saucy dish, are for use in preparing meats and sometimes fish. The condiment line is particularly delicious with simple meats, like ham, grilled meats with Vignalta salt, and those dishes that need, or will take some, spicing up. You may just “relish” these relishes!

VINDALHO CURRY PASTE: (Also known as vindaloo) This is the most widely known dish of Goan cooking. It is a true Luso-Indian combination. The name may originate with the combination of garlic, vinegar or wine marinade (vinho d’alhos) which is still popular in Portugal for cooking meat, especially pork. In India it is eaten as hot as can be supported.

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