Corti Brothers

Lyo Italia Porcini Mushrooms

40g Tin

PORCINI MUSHROOMS, the Boletus edulis family of mushrooms, are probably the fancy work horses of culinary mushrooms. This is a completely new style of preparation, where the sliced porcini are freeze dried, rather than air or oven dried. The result is that one can use the freeze dried form, soaked for a few seconds in water to re-hydrate them, and then proceed as if they were fresh mushrooms:  texture is like fresh porcini, characteristically slippery. Both have a place in the kitchen. These freeze dried Porcini are very new to the market and you certainly should try them. They do not substitute for normal dry porcini, but wonderful to use as if they were fresh. The 40 g tin equals 500 g fresh porcini.

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NOVEMBER 22, 2018
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