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Dievole Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

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I am pleased to finally be able to offer an Italian Extra Virgin oil which has been elusive. This is the DIEVOLE CORATINA oil which for three years hand running has won the major prize of the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition as the best oil in the competition: the winner of the MARCO MUGELLI PRIZE. (Full Disclosure: I am the Chairman of the L.A. tasting.)

Interestingly, this oil is produced with the Giorgio Mori/Marco Mugelli system of olive oil extraction. The Marco Mugelli prize was established by the L.A. Competition in honor of Marco who was one of our tasters and a great expert in oil production.

The Dievole Coratina oil is not produced from fruit coming from Tuscany, where the Dievole estate is located, but from fruit coming from the south of Italy, worked at the Tuscan estate. When it was entered in the 2015 competition, the fruit was from the 2014 harvest which was a disaster in Tuscany, requiring the estate to find good olives elsewhere. So they went to the south and picked Coratina fruit--not grown in Tuscany--and produced oil with the Mori/Mugelli vacumn system. The oil, won the Mugelli prize almost unanimously from the twelve tasters. The next year, the winner was again Dievole Coratina. This year, 2017, the Mugelli Prize winner was once again the Dievole Coratina. This same lot, bottled just before shipping, is the oil which we are now extremely pleased to offer.

The Dievole Coratina oil is a medium intensity oil with extremely balanced, not excessive, characteristics of pungency and bitterness. It is what most of the fifteen tasters thought an oil worthy of a gold medal, best of class, best of show in its class, and the Mugelli Prize.

I am certain that you also will find it a lovely oil, especially now for summer use with ripe tomatoes and summer vegetables, in salads, and just for experiencing what an almost perfect medium fruit intensity oil is like.

Darrell Corti

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