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Corti Brothers Tanzania Peaberry Coffee 12 oz

This whole bean Bourbon Typica variety of Arabica coffee comes from the Tanzania region of Mbeya. It is grown at an altitude of 1,150-2,000 meters and is washed and sun dried. It has very balanced acidity, medium body with aromas of toast and cream, and flavors of Meyer lemon curd. It is custom roasted in San Francisco by Jeremiah's Pick Coffee Company.

Peaberry beans are a rare occurrence in coffee beans. A normal coffee cherry (the name of the coffee fruit) contains two flat sided beans. In 4- 6% of all coffee cherries, the peaberry occurs when the coffee flower is singularly pollinated, creating one small rounded bean rather than two flat sided ones. The peaberry matures with the nutrient flow intended for two coffee beans and has been found to have a higher oil content as well as higher levels of essential minerals. In short, it is a more flavorful coffee bean. Very few producers take the time to separate the peaberry beans from the normal beans making its availability very special.

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