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Corti Brothers Leccino Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

This year we have only one California Extra Virgin oil which is under our label. The producer is Pablo Voitzuk.

We do have several under Samir Bayraktar’s “Olive Truck” label. Both use the Mori-Tem extraction system, put together by the late Marco Mugelli. This system uses the concept of a vacuum system for malaxating the olive paste and a closed, vacuum system for extraction. The thought was that since olives suffer from being exposed to air, in a vacuum there would be no air (oxidation) and the fresh fragrance and flavor of the olives would be preserved. Pablo Voitzuk uses a system which is fixed while the Olive Truck uses a similar system inside of a 40 foot shipping container which can go to the orchard where the fruit is. This system is newer in technology. Then there is the area where the olives are grown. In this last harvest, most of our selection comes from a grower outside of Woodland, California, and the fruit is hand harvested. It may come to pass that hand harvesting may well become an important factor in oil production. It is definitely a contributing factor to quality oil.

Under the Corti Brothers’ label, we have LECCINO from Pablo Voitzuk. It has been said by Marco Mugelli, the Tuscan oil expert, that Leccino in California is better than the same cultivar in Tuscany. It probably likes it better being in California.! Leccino is a sensitive variety and may just like the dry conditions in California better than the somewhat wetter Tuscan climate. It is a very elegant oil, not too bitter and pungent, but still with that green fruitiness which is typical. This oil won a Gold medal at the Los Angeles tasting.

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