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Corti Brothers Congo Kivu Whole Bean Coffee


In keeping with our habit of offering special growth coffees, roasted to our taste, I would like to point out this particular African coffee from the Congo. CONGO KIVU is relatively rare on the market. The most famous coffee of Africa, the origin of coffee, is generally recognized to be Ethiopian. But other areas and parts of that enormous continent produce coffee, and tea for that matter, which are excellent and have a particular charm.

CONGO KIVU is particularly interesting since it comes from the Kivu area of Eastern Africa, essentially part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the area bordered by Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Lake Tanganyika. The Lake Kivu area was historically a hub of coffee production. Internecine wars and a civil war have caused the industry to wither. But a hint of regrowth is happening. This coffee is part of that regrowth.

We were sent a sample of two roast levels and chose the one we offer. It is a darkish city roast, not a very dark roast. I felt the darker roast covered up the bright flavor of the coffee. We do not know the varietal, but there is a fair amount of peaberry, which has a lot of flavor. It is not a peaberry coffee but a blend with peaberry in it. (Peaberry is the name given to coffee beans which develop differently from the normal bean. In the coffee cherry, two beans are normally developed, growing their flat side together. Sometime, it happens that only one bean grows in a cherry, with two rounded sides. This is what is called a pea berry since it looks similar to a “pea.”)

This Congo Kivu is a wonderful breakfast coffee, dark enough to be impressive, flavorful enough to let you know it is there, but not overpowering. In short, a very nice cup of joe!


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