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Corti Brothers Citron Marmalade 11 oz

This year, for the first time, we are making a CITRON (Citrus medica) marmalade. Normally citron is produced to be candied–this done when the fruit is still green. If you allow the fruit to ripen to a yellow color, it becomes very mellow and aromatic. So we are trying citron by itself as a marmalade. I believe it is unique.

We do not think much about citron except as a candied fruit for fruitcake or in Sicily for cassata. The fruit’s peel is very aromatic, not exactly lemon, but similar. There is very little juice to citron, but it looks like a giant lemon. The Romans had citrons, but not lemons, which were a gift of Arabic culture in Sicily. Our Citron marmalade is light amber in color, with a delicate scent and delicate bitterness typical of the fruit. Mouthwateringly lingering, it will enhance your breakfast toast. Ingredients: Citron, sugar and water. Nothing else. The fruit was grown by Darrell Corti. LIMITED SUPPLY!

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