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Chocotal BBQ Rub

Summer is synonymous with barbeque of all types. Nothing is easier than using a dry rub seasoning on a piece of meat in the morning, refrigerating it, and taking it out on coming home, By the time the barbeque fire is going, the meat is at room temperature, ready to fire.

One of our favorite rubs at Corti Brothers is Chocotal BBQ Rub produced by the noted coffee company Jeremiah's Pick. It is based on blend of arabica coffee and cocoa nibs, two little thought of ingredients for barbeque. But both are used in barbeque–whether American as brewed coffee in some sauces–or Mexican with cocoa used in “mole.” Just rub on Chocotal, and you are ready to BBQ.

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Thanksgiving Day
November 25th, 2021

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