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Cabo de Penas Bonito del Norte Ventresca Tuna 4 oz

Cabo de Penas Grand Selection Bonito del Norte Ventresca Tuna is the best of the best.  Ventresca Tuna comes from the belly of the fish, that velvety chunk known in sushi bars as toro. It has deep, buttery, complex flavors and a creamy texture. Bonito del Norte is true white tuna (albacore) of very high quality and characterized by its exquisite flavor and softer texture than the rest of the tuna species. This cut is luxury tuna to enjoy best as is. They are expertly fished, processed, and packaged using only natural olive oil and salt. Exclusively available only at Corti Brothers. ( 4 oz tin,  or case of 12)

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NOVEMBER 22, 2018
"Happy Holiday"

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