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Buckeye Creek Farm Coratina Olive Oil

BUCKEYE CREEK FARM CORATINA OIL is produced in the Dunnigan Hills, just north and west of Sacramento. David Neilson and his family bought 20 acres of land in 2001 and planted it to blueberries and olives. The blueberries are sold fresh in season. Several other products are also made from them. More about these later!

One of the olive varieties planted at Buckeye Creek is CORATINA. This is a typical cultivar from Puglia in southern Italy, which corresponds to the climatic conditions of Dunnigan Hills. It is a wonderful variety that is just now being evaluated for its quality in other parts of the world. Producing a high polyphenol and intense fruity oil, Coratina’s quality has always been shadowed by its origin. But this prejudice is changing.

Buckeye Creek Farm Coratina oil won a gold medal at the Los Angeles International tasting in March, 2015, and is a lovely example of the variety. This is not a bashful, reticent oil, but dramatic oil, with a forceful taste, wonderful for putting on bread and using as a flavor pointer in mild dishes. It is a very fine example of the variety and something you should experience. It will enhance your fall and winter dishes to a fair-thee-well!

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Sunday: 10 AM - 6 PM
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5810 Folsom Blvd
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