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BOETJE (pronounced boat-chee) is the name of a wonderful mustard, a stone ground mustard, made in Rock Island, Illinois since 1889. Now in the hands of the third family to own the company, the quality is the same, and it is one of the most delightful American made mustards on the market.

Stone ground means that the Canadian sourced brown mustard seeds are coarsely ground, showing their granular texture and pungent character. This style is a “Dutch” style mustard, not the brilliant yellow of say, French’s mustard, nor the ochre color of Dijon mustard, but mottled brown and dull yellow color of the stone ground seeds.

Pungent, yet not overwhelming, Boetje’s is savory, yet not dominant, when put on a sandwich or used as the base for grilled cheese on toast. There is nothing added to this mustard other than the natural ingredient of water,vinegar, mustard seed, salt, and sugar. No preservatives, ever.

BOETJE SEA SAUCE is a recent addition to the line and is made with the same stone ground mustard, tomato sauce and horseradish. It is startlingly pungent, yet harmonious with a nice flavor kick that lets you know it is present. Really remarkable in flavor, it can be toned down by the addition of good mayonnaise or sour cream to make a delicious creamy dressing, but right out of the jar, it has a sharpness that improves any seafood. Boetje Sea Sauce and shrimp are made for each other. A crab salad with a dollop of Sea Sauce is a delight. Both come in 8 ½ ounce jars and should be refrigerated after opening.

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