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Terry Beaudoin, not an Italian name, but French, has resuscitated olive growing in Calaveras County, California. Calaveras County, to the south of Amador County, in the Sierra Foothills, used to produce a lot of olives and olive oil. At the closing of Rocca Bella in 1963, the major olive producer then in the area, the groves have been left to their own devices until Terry Beaudoin began to use them again for the production of Sicilian cured olives.

Sicilian cured olives are made curing the olives with salt and water, nothing else. This is a time consuming curing method which produces flavorful olives, but in the Beaudoin olives, they remain crunchy, something rarely seen in cured olives. In olive curing, the flesh tends to soften during curing, giving a sometimes buttery character to the olive texture. The Beaudoin olives remain “crunchy” and thus different from a lot of cured olives on the market. There are two styles: Traditional which are unpitted and Spicy which are pitted. But both have the same delightful, crunchy texture.

The olive size is Colossal or Super Colossal. This is normally the size of the Sevillano cultivar in California. Curiously, olive sizing is unique since there are about 11 sizes ranging from “sub petite” to Super Colossal, with extra large, mammoth, giant, and jumbo--all sizes smaller than colossal and supercolossal. Another one of the curiosities of the food business! However, the Beaudoin Traditional Sicilian Olives are delicious. Their texture alone is only one lovely aspect to their quality. They fit wonderfully as an hors d’oeuvre or antipasto. And you will be keeping alive centenarian olive trees that have been revived from neglect

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