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Assaggiaolio Olive Oil Tasting Glass

These are the blue colored, hand blown tasting glasses for professionally tasting olive oil.  If you have any interest in olive oil, you must have these glasses since they are the ones oil professionals use.  Why “blue?” you might ask.  They could also be brown colored–the other color used professionally. The colored glass does not allow for any influence on the taster’s judgement due to an oil’s color.  Color in tasting oil is of no consequence, yet some tasters are conditioned to react more favorably to oils with specific colors, either green or yellow.  The blue color distorts the oil’s natural color so that the taster is not influenced.  Only smell and flavor count when tasting oils.

With the ASSAGGIAOLIO glasses you will be tasting in a professional way.  When you are not using them for tasting, put a lighted tea candle in them and use them on your table. They are very pretty.

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