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One way to make fruit vinegar is to add fruit to a light vinegar, thereby producing a fruit flavored vinegar. One made very close to Sacramento, in Yolo County, is BUCKEYE CREEK BLUEBERRY RICE VINEGAR. Buckeye Creek grows lovely blueberries and takes part of this fruit, juices it and reduces it, then blends it with excellent rice vinegar which is fairly light in taste. Thus, a very fruit forward, purple ruby colored vinegar which would be lovely with red cabbage preparations, beets, strawberries, rhubarb, and anything that is reddish in color and needs a juicy, fruity flavor. However, you could just as well add Buckeye Creek Blueberry vinegar to anything where you just want a nice fruity flavor and are not concerned about the color. A really nice drink in summer is a jigger of Buckeye Creek to a large glass of chilled sparkling water.

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